Turn simple wood plaques into the extraordinary with these 10 ideas

Wood plaques are an inexpensive staple in most craft stores. But if you're anything like us, you've likely wondered what in the world you can do with them. Turns out, there's a lot you can do to transform these otherwise boring wooden blocks!
We've put together a list of unique and fun ways to craft using wooden plaques. The best part is that they come in all shapes and sizes and are relatively cheap. Now there's no reason not to pick up some of these babies next time you're on a craft store trip!
1. Animal key holder
If your style can be described as quirky and inventive, this key holder would make the perfect addition to your entryway. Not only will you never misplace your keys again, but you'll have a mighty moose (or lion or elephant) to protect them! You can choose the animal and spray paint colors of your choice, then follow the instructions from eHow to make your very own friend who will greet you every time you come home!
2. Wooden plaque monograms
Add a personal touch to your home, or make a very special gift for someone you love, by following this tutorial from Southern Hospitality Blog. The pattern and paint combinations are endless, so you can make this project to completely suit your style.
3. DIY cake stand
Well, this may just be the sweetest (no pun intended!) way to transform a regular old wooden plaque into something beautiful and functional! This will be the perfect way to show off your baking skills (and crafting skills, too!) at the next family birthday party! Head over to Poppy Talk for this fun tutorial!
4. Wood plaque picture frames
Looks kind of like a clipboard, but cuter, right?! This adorable picture frame project from Average Inspired can be customized to match your home's color palate using different colored paint or patterned paper. Plus, the clips make it super easy to change out pictures often!
5. Hanging station
This super simple DIY project can be completed in a matter of minutes. Choose an interesting cut when selecting your wooden plaque, paint it white, and screw in a variety of colorful mismatched hooks! Use it to hang all those pesky little things that seem to go missing - like keys and gloves!
6. Leash holder
Never before have we seen such a creative leash holder! With a little paint, some craft paper, faux Scrabble pieces, a dog figurine and lots of creativity, you too, can create the perfect place to keep your furry friend's leash!
7. Ribbon storage rod
If you love crafting, chances are you have a ton of supplies that could use a bit of organization. This genius idea from Joann combines a wooden plaque with a dowel to create a perfect ribbon storage solution!​
8. Colorful wood plaque frame wall
If your local craft store carries wood plaques in fun shapes, buy a bunch! You won't regret it after seeing how beautiful it can turn out! Paint them in different colors and distress them at the edges for a bit more interest. You can attach photos to the top of the plaque, or if you want a really beautiful frame, and have some wood working skills, you can cut out a rectangle in the middle of the plaque from which you can display your photos. We love how all the colors can brighten up one gallery wall!
9. Valentine conversation hearts
This adorable craft would be perfect for around Valentine's Day! Follow the instructions over at Artsy Fartsy Mama to create your very own realistic looking conversation hearts using small heart-shaped wooden plaques.
10. Whimsical jewelry hangers
This quirky project from Twinkie Chan would be fun to do with your pre-teen daughter! Let her choose the colors and animals and create a place for her to hang her necklaces! Talk about bonding time!
Are you going to stock up on wooden plaques next time you visit the craft store? We are too! Share this with all your crafty friends and see what they come up with!
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