Man folds a $20 bill and shows the camera something you've never seen (video)

SFG Science's latest video shows that illusions can be fun for anyone. 
In the following video, SFG Science demonstrates four easy illusions anyone can do at home: "3D Mirascope Hologram" illusion, "Happy 20 Dollar Bill" illusion, "Indecisive Arrow" illusion, and "Headless Person" illusion.  
Here are the supplies you need for each illusion:
1) "3D Mirascope Hologram" — 1 Mirascope kit, 1 Lego man 
The Mirascope is available for purchase here
2) "Happy 20 Dollar Bill" — 1 $20 bill 
3) "Indecisive Arrow" — 1 piece of paper with arrow drawn, 1 glass of water
4)  "Headless Person" illusion — 1 paperclip, 1 Lego man 
Below, you can check out these "super cool" illusions in action. These are great activities to do with kids as well. If you give any of these a whirl at home, let us know how they go!
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