Don't toss out your old silverware. Here are 11 nifty ways to repurpose them

Silverware isn't just for eating! If you've got a set that is lying around and not getting any use, don't send toss them in the trash! We've got plenty of fun and creative ways to turn them into something totally unique.
We think you may just be so inspired by these project that you might even start seeking more silverware at thrift stores so you can try all these projects! Now the question is, which will you try first?
1. Starburst mirror
We are in love with this idea that transforms regular silverware into art. To find out how you too can create a starburst mirror for your dining room, head to Flamingo Toes for detailed instructions.
2. Eat sign
If your kitchen is in need of a little art to spice it up but your budget is tight, this super simple idea may be just what you're looking for. With some old silverware, a frame and a little creativity, make a wall hanging that uses the forks, knives and spoons to spell out a word or phrase like "eat". It'll be your favorite part of the kitchen!
3. Dragonfly garden ornament
Add some pizzaz to your garden by crafting some thrift store silverware into this adorable dragonfly lawn ornament.
4. Silverware cabinet handles
Give your boring old cupboards a unique facelift by attaching a fork and spoon as interesting handles. It'll really tie your kitchen together!
5. Spoon wind chime
Transform old spoons into a beautiful piece of art for your yard by pounding them flat and turning them into a wind chime that makes sweet sounds in the breeze. It's almost as if your old spoons were meant for this project! Find the full tutorial as well as instructions for hand-stamping silverware over at Thrifty Rebel Vintage.
6. Silverware wall hooks
This super practical project will leave you with a quirky and useful place to hang your towels. Real Simple has easy to follow instructions.
7. Spoon garden markers
Never mix up your veggies again! With these adorable garden markers made out of spoons, you'll always know exactly where your carrots were planted and you'll never spend hours searching for those peppers again! Head to Intimate Weddings for the tutorial. They also make a cute accent to tiny herb gardens.
8. Fork and cork garden marker
For an even simpler garden marker that requires no tools at all, this cork and fork (that's fun to say!) garden marker can be made in minutes! Instructions can be found at This Mama Loves.
9. Fork stamped napkin
Cloth napkins are better for the environment than the paper kind, and they're much cuter too! Make this simple hash design by dipping a fork in paint and stamping a colored cloth napkin. See the stunning final result and get some more ideas of common objects that can be used to create interesting stamp patterns at Momtastic!
10. DIY spoon ring
Don't you just love spoon rings?! They can be kind of pricey if you buy them at an art fair, and it's not all that hard to make your own. Kirsten Danielle has put together a great tutorial for this fun project!
11. Fork photo holder
Transforming forks that aren't being used into a photo display is pure genius. Head to Pretty Handy Girl to see how you can make your own!
Which way are you going to repurpose your old silverware that isn't getting any use?! Or perhaps you've been convinced to search your local thrift shop to find a set solely for crafting? Share these fun ideas with your DIY-loving friends!
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