Stick Christmas lights through a framed canvas. Try not to love the other side

Whether you are an experienced artist or new to the DIY world, decorating can come as a challenge. With so many options, finding the perfect accents for your dorm room, the ideal color scheme for your bathroom, or the eye-catching centerpiece for your living room is always an adventure.
Without a doubt, there is one decoration that never seems to go out of style no matter what the season is: Christmas lights. Not only are they inexpensive but extremely versatile whether you are using them by themselves or incorporating them into a simple craft project such as this one. This piece is stylish, easy to make, and will be a great addition to any room! Let's get started! Here's the full tutorial:
Black acrylic paint
Pre-stretched canvas
Paint brushes
Newsprint or scrap paper
Inkjet print of constellation
White paint marker
X-Acto knife
Ruler or straight edge
Christmas lights
1. Paint your canvas
For the first step, lay out some newsprint or scrap paper onto your work surface and place your canvas on the paper. Next, grab a small container and squeeze out some black acrylic paint into it. Add a little bit of water to ensure your brush strokes are smooth as can be.
2. Prepare your template
Next, you'll need to print out a template to lay out the exact placement of your drawing. This image is of a constellation on a starry night. With a sharp object such as a pin or a needle, poke holes in the main stars of the constellation.
3. Mark your canvas
The holes you poked will serve as the spots that you mark with your white paint marker. After the paint is dry, place the template on the canvas and mark each star.
4. Connect the dots
Remove the template from the canvas. Using a straight edge, connect your dots.
5. Add the details
Add some small lines on the major points of the constellation for a more star-like effect and then complete the canvas with a series of dots on the rest of the blank space.
6. Make the cuts
Next, you'll take a sharp X-Acto knife and make an incision into the seven major stars of your constellation.
Safety tip: Always make sure you are using a new, sharp blade or else cutting will be more difficult and the chances of making a mistake and hurting yourself are increased.
7. Insert Christmas lights
The last step is taking your string of Christmas lights and inserting a bulb into each of the incisions you just made. Tape the lights in place and you are finished.
7. Plug in and hang
Plug it in and hang it up! You've just created your very own Starry Night and now your home is that much more chic!
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