10 beauty hacks for contouring

We've all seen the powerful effects contouring can have in shaping one's face. (Think Kim Kardashian.) The beautiful thing is that contouring can hide flaws and highlight your favorite features if it's done right. Smaller nose? Check! More prominent cheekbones? Check! Accentuated eyes? Check!
Contouring is an essential skill all makeup enthusiasts should learn, but it can be intimidating the first few times. We've put together a resource of some of the best tips and tricks so you can learn how to effectively contour to create the look you most desire. Let's get started.
1. Contour for a smaller nose
One of the most common features people want to minimize on their face is their nose. This tutorial from Wonder Forest walks you through the steps to make your nose appear smaller using makeup. After checking out those before and after photos, we're convinced. Are you?
2. Contour for a smaller forehead
If you love wearing your hair in an updo but are self-conscious about your large forehead, we've got a solution. This contouring technique from The Beauty Department actually makes your forehead appear smaller.
3. Contour your chest for cleavage
You may not think to put makeup on your body, but we think this video tutorial from Cute DIY Projects may change your mind. If you have a cute tank top but don't have much to, ahem, fill it out, contouring techniques will give you the illusion of sexy cleavage. Va-va-voom!
4. Use a spoon to get perfect cheekbones
If you weren't blessed with high cheekbones, that doesn't mean you can't fake 'em. This simple (and quirky!) technique from Nicole Skyes shows you how to use a spoon -- yes, a spoon -- to get that perfectly sculpted look without any skill. The spoon becomes a stencil of sorts. The trick is to blend, blend, blend.
5. Erase a double chin
We can probably all agree that double chins are unflattering, especially in photos. Follow this tutorial from Kona Tanning Company, which explains how to use self-tanner to make a double chin a thing of the past.
6. Define your jawline
While we're on the subject of chins, doesn't it seem that all models have one thing in common: a fantastic jawline? Some women may be naturally blessed with bone structure to die for, but many are actually faking their jawline with makeup. You can too by following these jawline contouring steps from The Beauty Department.​
7. Contour based on your face shape
Did you know that contouring techniques will change completely depending on the shape of your face? For instance, if you have a rectangular face, you should use makeup very differently than someone who has a round face. Check out this guide on Imgur to see how you should be contouring based on the shape of your face.
8. Contour your collarbone
Make your collarbone pop with this makeup hack from Seventeen. It becomes a perfect trick to have up your sleeve for the next time you want to wear a slinky dress out on the town.
9. Contour your arms
If there's an occasion coming up where you'll be wearing a sleeveless dress, this body contouring trick is a must. Head over to Makeup.com to see how you can fake buff arms without setting foot in the gym.
10. Contour your lips
Yes, you can use contouring to make your lips appear fuller -- no injections necessary. Makeup Mania has the tutorial you'll need to get a plumper pout.
Which contouring technique are you going to try out first? Practice makes perfect, so don't be intimidated. Start out slow and work your way up. And share this article with your makeup-obsessed friends so you can discuss which techniques work best.
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