10 tips for fuller lips without fillers

When you hear the names Angelina Jolie and Kylie Jenner, chances are the first thing you think about are their lips. A full pout can be yours too, and no, you won't need injections!
With these makeup tips, you'll be just as savvy as the pros. There are many different tricks to make your lips look full, so do a little bit of experimentation to find the one that works best for you. You're already one step close to plumper, more kissable lips!
1. Overdraw your lip lineThis tutorial from The Beauty Department teaches you how to over-line your lips for a naturally fuller look. Nobody has to know you cheated the corners!
2. Apply a lighter lipstick
After filling in your lips with liner and a mauve lipstick, apply a lighter shade to the center to bring the focus there. For the full look, Makeup and Macaroons.
3. Highlight
Use white highlighter in the center of your lips, being sure not to forget outlining your cupid's bow. When light hits these spots, they will make your mouth appear fuller. See the full instructions over at Younique By Kristen Martin.
4. X marks the spot
Another tip for fuller lips is to make an "x" with lip liner on your top lip. Head to The Beauty Department to see the final result.
5. Go with a natural shade
Darker colors can make your lips appear smaller, so stick with a neutral shade for the best results. And be sure to define the outer edge of your lips. The photos from this natural looking lip tutorial on Makeup Mania are pretty great!
6. Know how to use liner to your advantage
This look from Trend 2 Wear uses lip liner like a secret weapon to create a look that even Kylie Jenner would be proud of.
7. Gloss it up
A little lip gloss can go a long way! Apply some shimmery gloss to the center of your lips and smush them together for utterly kissable lips that reflect the light and make them appear larger.
8. Conceal around your lips
This tip from Makeup helps prevent your lip color from bleeding and defines the outline of your lips more precisely.
9. Learn how to contour
This video tutorial from Makeup By Ani teaches you how to perfectly contour your lips for a noticeably fuller pout. You won't believe the before and after in this video!
10. Plump your lips naturally
All the makeup in the world won't look great if you don't have a smooth canvas. This recipe from Natural Beauty Rec uses honey, sugar, cinnamon and cayenne pepper to naturally smooth and plump your lips.
Have you used any of these tips before? Share this article with your beauty-obsessed friends and discuss which method works best for you! Your favorites might be different!
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