7 brilliant tips for the perfect winged eyeliner

Have you ever wondered how in the world some women get that perfect winged eyeliner look? You're not alone! After many failed attempts and one too many pokes in the eye, it can be enough for anyone to give up!
But fear not! Getting that sought-after winged effect can actually be quite easy if you know the right techniques. We've rounded up some of the best tips and advice from beauty bloggers and have put them together in a super informative guide so you, too, can create this sexy cat eye look!
1. Use tape
That's right - tape may have to be a new staple in your makeup drawer. This tutorial, from Popsugar, shows you how to use this office supply to beautify yourself and create the perfect winged effect.
2. Draw the "flick" first
This tip from Miss Hanna Mae encourages anyone new to the winged look to draw the "flick first. What we mean by that is draw a line outward, starting from the outer corner of your eye. It should only extend maybe a quarter inch or so, but you can use this as your guide and fill it in to create a more dramatic cat eye.
3. Connect the Dots
This video tutorial from Eimear McElheron uses a super simple technique to create the perfect cat eyes. How does she do it, you ask? She lays a few dots along the rim of her eyelashes and simply connects them! This trick is good for anyone with shaky hands.
4. Mathematical approach
Calling all math whizzes! this technique from Evolving Riley uses a pin and angles to take away the mystery behind the winged eyeliner look.
5. Use a spoon
Have we got the hack for you: Spoons aren't just for enjoying ice cream anymore! Now they deserve a spot in your beauty kit. This photo guide from Pampadour shows us how to use this kitchen utensil to create the perfect cat eye, using the handle to create the straight edge and the curved portion for the "wing"!
6. Outline first
Hairspray and High Heels is all about the outline! Do that as your first step, then fill it in for a dramatic look.
7. Don't worry if you mess up
We all make mistakes, so don't fret! A cotton swab will be your best friend when it comes to smoothing out those mess ups from your unsteady hand.
Which technique sounds like it'll work best for you? Share this article with all your beauty-obsessed friends and discuss which hack is the best!
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