Trash cans may look ugly. Check out 10 astonishing ways to upcycle them instead

If you have some old trash cans scattered in your home that are simply collecting dust, don't throw them away! We have searched the web and curated our top 10 fun and simple DIY projects that you can do to repurpose your old trash can into something new.
From rain buckets to pendant lamps to dog food containers, there is certainly a project for you. Let's get started!
1. Outdoor garden potters
If you are looking for your next garden project, look no more. Repurpose your old trash can into a garden potter. Just grab some paint and get creative. Here's some inspiration here.
2. Rain bucket
Collecting rain is an eco-friendly method of watering your backyard. Rain tanks can be on the pricey side but with this DIY project, you can make your own rain bucket for much less.
3. Trash can with wallpaper
Let's be honest, trash cans lack some aesthetic but that can be changed. Add some wallpaper of your choice to your trash can to make it more pleasant to look at. Here's the tutorial to get you started on revamping your trash can.
4. Bedside table
Repurpose your old wire trash can into a bedside table. Not only is it simple and convenient, it is also less costly and unique, meaning that your bed side table will be different from many in the stores. Click here for some inspiration.
5. Dog food storage container
Tired of bags of dog food in your cupboards? Repurpose your old trash can into a dog food storage container. All you need is some paint and creativity. What is great about this project is that you can customize the container to be any color or pattern you want. Here is the tutorial to get you started.
6. Trash can pendant light
Who knew a trash can could be made into a pendant light, right? With this simple project by Domestically Speaking, you can create this treasure for your home.
7. Laundry hamper
Laundry hampers should be large enough to fit mountains of clothes. This is where your old trash can comes in. Being big enough to hold lots of clothes, as well as sturdy, it makes a great laundry hamper. Want to know how you can create this? Here is the tutorial to create this industrial style laundry hamper.
8. Nautical rope trash can
Say goodbye to your ugly trash can and hello to the new and improved one. The tutorial by Making Lemonade Blog will show you how to use rope to create this nautical rope trash can. This would suit your living room, bedroom, or bathroom. How versatile!
9. Wire trash can pendant lamp
If you have a vintage wire trash can, this is the project for you. The tutorial by HomeTalk guides you through how to transform a wire trash can into a pendant lamp which would look stunning over your dining table.
10. Bird baths
Repurpose the lids of your old trash cans to create these rustic looking bird baths. Not only would this look great in your garden, we're sure the birds would appreciate it too! Check out the tutorial here.
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