Bulletin boards may not be pretty. Check out 16 clever ways to salvage them instead

We have all been to a dollar store or craft store one time in our lives, came across brown bulletin cork boards and thought to ourselves "why don't they come in different colours and designs!?".
Bulletin boards may not be the prettiest thing out there but don't worry, there are ways to beautify them. We have picked out the best 16 DIY ideas on how to give that boring bulletin book a new look.
1. Framed bulletin board
Inspired by the picture frame design, you can transform your old bulletin board into framed boards on your wall. This would be perfect for lining up on any wall of your home where you can pin photos, notes and even your child's drawings. Check out this easy DIY tutorial to get started.
2. Framed fabric covered bulletin board
This project is perfect if you want to keep your clutter in check. The bulletin board features a large fabric pocket where you can store all your important notes so you will never misplace them again. Here is the tutorial to create this cute design.
3. Burlap message board
Instead of the boring brown cork design, opt for a burlap design to create a rustic look. This message board is perfect for your home, office, and even for weddings. Here is the easy DIY tutorial to recreate this look.
4. Weekly cork board organizer
With some many things going on in our daily lives, it is possible to stress out and forget some important tasks. With this project, you can take control of your day to day life by pinning the important tasks and events you have planned.
5. Cork board string art
If you need some home decor inspiration, check out this project by Tatertots and Jello who created this unique string art using a cork board. Very creative we must say!
6. Floral bulletin board
We're calling all the lovers of all things floral. With a piece of floral fabric, cotton cord and spray paint, you're already set on transforming your boring cork board to a stunning one. Here is the quick and simple tutorial to get you started.
7. Industrial style bulletin board
This project requires more time than the other projects but the results are amazing! It is made with an old window frame with cork board in each of the windows, finished with some pots that are attached to metal holders. This bulletin board is useful for keeping your important notes and photos as well as being a stationary holder. Check out the full tutorial here.
8. Fabric memory board
This rustic looking memory board is great to have in your home or office. With some fabric, ribbon and buttons, you can customize the board to match your personal style or home aesthetic. Here is the full tutorial.
9. Chevron bulletin board
How amazing does this bulletin board look?! We are in love! The chevron patterns really does the trick. We also love the white border. Check out the detailed tutorial by Houzz.
10. Ombre bulletin board
Get crafty and add some paint to give your bulletin board some style. A Bubbly Life shows us how to transform a plain cork board into a pink ombre style bulletin board. How amazing would this look in your home office?! Here is the tutorial to create this gem.
11. Washi tape bulletin board
Stick your favorite washi tape around the frame, and for something extra, add a piece of decorative paper or wrapping paper to cover the cork on the front. Check out the tutorial here.
12. Bulletin board jewelry organizer
Tired of missing one earring or tangled necklace chains? This is the project for you. Decorating cork boards and turning the into a bulletin board jewelry organizer will make organizing your jewelry more manageable.
13. Necklace board
This is such a simple project to display your necklaces. All you need is a cork board, linen fabric, and nail heads for the border. Check out the tutorial here by I Heart Organizing.
14. State shaped bulletin boards
This is a unique way to display your photos and all your little keepsakes. Using cork board and an exacto knife, carve out the shapes of the particular state you want - easy! Here is the full tutorial to get you going.
15. Gold confetti bulletin board
Spice up your brown cork board with some painted gold confetti. This project is perfect for those on a budget and are time limited. Visit the tutorial here.
16. Painted bulletin board
This project is the perfect mix of style and functionality as the tutorial shows you how to create a bulletin board suitable for your home office. Perfect of students, and stay at home parents/entrepreneurs.
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