Tissue boxes aren't just for tissues. Here are 10 cool ways to revamp them instead

During both allergy and cold seasons it can sometimes be shocking to see how many tissues you can go through in a day. What's even more shocking to think about is how many cardboard boxes we are tossing aside once they are empty instead of reusing them. After all, isn't saving trees a top priority?
Next time you have a cold, instead of placing the empty boxes in your regular recycling bin, try some of these creative re-purposing ideas instead. From kids crafts to creative storage ideas, there is something here for everyone!
1. Towel holder
You would never guess that this adorable towel organizer is made out of a tissue box! Decorated with jute and canvas, this would be the perfect way to organize your bathroom in style. You can find the tutorial here.
2. Chic fabric cover
Are you looking to maintain a cohesive style throughout your house? Sometimes cardboard tissue boxes are just plain ugly to look at. Instead of purchasing an expensive reusable box, just revamp your cardboard ones with this adorable, handsewn fabric cover
3. Homemade Pinata
Pinatas always add some excitement to any party. But like a lot of fun activities, the costs can quickly add up. This simple tutorial by Studio DIY will help you save some money on your kid's next birthday party. Kids will have just as much fun making them as they will breaking them open!
4. Crocheted cake cover
This tissue box cover is for the more advanced crafter or textile artist. If you love to crochet, then this is definitely a project for you. This would make the perfect gift for the friend who loves baking or a sweet addition to any kitchen. Check out the pattern here.
5. Jewelry tray
If you've ever had to untangle a wad or earrings or bracelets, then you know exactly how hard getting ready can be if your jewelry lacks organization. This unique DIY project is crafted out of toilet paper rolls, tissue box, and the fabric of your choice. Head over to Blah-to-Tada to take advantage of this organization hack.
6. Decorative monsters
Whether you're planning for your kid's birthday party or simply trying to find ways to decorate their bedroom, this is an adorable craft project for imaginative kids and parents. Transform a tissue box into this funny little monster by visiting Giggles Galore. You can use them for storage or they can be purely decorative.
7. Dinosaur feet
Here is another one that kids will love! Let your toddler's imagination run free when they step foot inside these make-believe dinosaur feet. They will love stomping around in their new feet and parents will get a kick out of watching them.
8. Plastic bag storage
Nothing can be as frustrating as opening your kitchen cabinet and having the giant pile of Tupperware, pots and pans, or hundreds of plastic bags falling out at your feet. This simple trick from Polished Habitat will work wonders for all those plastic bags we tend to accumulate from grocery stores.
9. Spice packet storage
If you love to cook, then you're aware of how disorganized a spice cabinet can get after preparing a few meals. To make sure you're not wasting time digging around for that taco seasoning head over to I Heart Organizing for their handy tips on how to turn an old tissue box into ideal spice packet storage.
10. Yarn storage
Knitters, crocheters, and embroiders: never have to untangle yarn or thread again. This easy tissue box system will store and keep your yarn organized and convenient to access for your next big project! You can read the instructions for how to make here.
We know after reading this list you're going to have a lot of ideas running through your head so get to collecting those boxes and create something wonderful!
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