Baby food jars may look ugly. See 12 cool ways to revamp them instead

If you have kids, you've probably gone through your fair share of baby food. But what do you do about all of those empty baby food jars? Recycle them? Throw them away? Toss them into a box in the back of the closet and forget about them?
Instead of getting rid of your old jars, turn them into a fun project! Whether you need an activity for the kids, something practical for the house or a gift for your guests, you can use empty baby food jars to fit any of these needs. And most of the time, all you'll need is a little paint.
1. Character jars
Is your kid a fan of the minions or emojis or any other cartoon characters? Before you host another birthday party, or if you just need a fun activity for a rainy day, grab some paint and turn your old baby food jars into your kid's favorite characters.
2. Vase
If you want to add a pop of color to a room and have some baby food jars and a piece of wood to spare, make yourself some vases to mount on the wall. Just fill each jar with a little soil and whatever flowers you want to display, and hook them to the board with some clamps. You can hang this in any room, or on the outside of a garage or garden shed.
3. Art supply holders
You can encourage your kids' creativity, or realize your own, with easy access to art supplies. Old baby food jars are the perfect size to hold crayons, stickers, markers or other small art supplies. If painting is your passion, you can put watercolor paints into several jars, with an extra one to hold the brushes.​
4. Magnetic craft organizer
Craft rooms tend to get messy and disorganized pretty quickly. Instead of rearranging everything in your closet to find room for some of your smaller items, try magnetizing the underside of a cabinet and the lids of some old baby food jars. You can store your smaller craft items in the jars, and when you're not using them, stick them to the bottom of the cabinet.
5. Party favors
No birthday party is complete without party favors to send home with the kids. And what kid doesn't like to head out with a little extra candy? Instead of spending money and time on huge gift bags to give your guests, just pour some candy into an empty baby food jar (which you've decorated to fit the party's theme, of course), screw on the lid and hand them out as you usher the kids out the door at the end of the day.
6. Nail polish remover jar
In need of a manicure, but don't have time to make it to the salon? Save yourself a few extra minutes by always having an easy-to-use, spill-proof jar of nail polish remover. Soak a small sponge in remover and store it in an old baby food jar to make sure you can always clean off your nail polish at a moment's notice.
7. Hummingbird feeder
Add a little something extra to your garden this spring with a homemade hummingbird feeder. Though this project is a little more time-intensive than many of the others, the end result is definitely worth the work. All you have to do is follow this 6-step tutorial from Birds & Blooms, and you'll have an adorable feeder in your backyard in no time.
8. Miniature sewing kit
Looking for a convenient, space-saving way to store the odds and ends that come with a sewing project? Instead of letting your thread, pins, needles and buttons get lost in a sewing kit, turn your old baby food jars into a small, portable sewing kit, complete with a pin cushion attached to the jar's lid.
9. Snow globes
With Christmas just around the corner, why not try out a cute new craft with your kids? With some distilled water, glitter, glycerin and whatever winter-themed decorations you want, you can turn your empty baby food jars into a Winter Wonderland of snow globes.
10. Candles
Do you make your own homemade candles? Are you running out of containers to hold your candles? Old baby food jars are the perfect size if you want to make smaller homemade candles. If you want to add an extra dash of color, you can tie a ribbon or strip of fabric around the outside of the jar after the wax cools and hardens.
11. Storage plaque
Bathroom counters become crowded far too easily. So the next logical step is to shove everything into your medicine cabinet, right? But what happens when you can no longer open the cabinet door without an avalanche of misplaced objects spilling everywhere? That means it's time to grab your old baby food jars, some craft glue and a piece of wood. If your bathroom has a specific color scheme, you can decorate the jars and the wood however you want before hanging the finished product on the wall. You now have a storage space for all of the smaller items that tend to take over every available space in your bathroom.
12. Spice jars
Just like your bathroom counters, your kitchen counters can get a little cluttered. And some kitchen essentials, such as spices, take up just enough space to get in the way, but not enough space to end up shut away in the pantry. If you don't want to invest in a spice rack, you can still minimize the space that awkwardly sized spice containers cover. Just transfer your spices from their original containers into labeled baby food jars. Now all of your containers are the same size and can be more easily stored.
From now on, you'll never have to throw away another baby food jar. Just wash the empty jar and turn it into an awesome project. And don't forget to share this with your fellow parents on Facebook so they can get a little crafty, too!
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