10 stunning ideas to completely transform an old wicker plate

You might have seen wicker plate holders lying your grandma's kitchen or stacked up in the cupboard not getting any use. While wicker plates are lovely as hand crafted objects, by themselves they can be on the plain side. For those who would like a little more color and variety in their lives, these projects are for you.
Next time you are out thrift shopping and come across a stack of these babies, don't just pass them by. Grab a few or ask a friend if they have any lying around because there are endless ways you can revamp them. Whether you want to simply paint them or transform them into a completely different object, keep reading to get inspired.
1. Garden decor
Wicker is a gorgeous, natural material that looks great indoors but looks especially nice out in nature. Next time you are doing a little gardening, go above and beyond your own expectations by adding some hand crafted garden decorations into the mix. You won't regret the extra effort it took.
2. Bohemian charger plates
Cheap, acrylic craft paint is an amazingly simple ingredient that will work wonders for your next project. This adorable project by Delineate Your Dwelling is as easy as squirting out your favorite colors and painting your favorite designs.
3. Wall display
This beautiful wall display is similar to the previous project but with a more cohesive look. Grab a handful of wicker plates, a few specific colors, and paint them in order to arrange them on your wall. This particular tutorial by Decor Adventures is based on South African crafts.
4. Wicker plate stool
Paint isn't the only way to transform wicker plates. With a few extra materials, you can transform plates and platters into completely different objects such as these incredible stools by Design Sponge. Forget spending tons of money at places like Crate & Barrel when you can make your own versions in minutes!
5. Lampshade
This project proves that with just a little creativity, you can transform almost any everyday item into a gorgeous accent piece for your home. This lampshade made from old, wicker plates will be the highlight of the room during the day or at night.
6. Serving pedestals
Whether you are having a Summer BBQ or inviting friends over for a dinner party, these adorable serving pedestals would be a great way to show off your culinary talents. Made with wicker plates and vintage candle holders, they are also super easy to make.
7. Embroidered wicker plates
Wicker plates and baskets are already intricate beauties in themselves but just imagine how gorgeous they could look with some pops of color. This project weaves threads through the baskets for that additional "wow" factor. If you are an avid embroiderer or a novice, this is a great project for all skill levels.
8. Pumpkin Decorations
Halloween is approaching quicker than you know it! Don't wait til the last minute to get your decorations in order. This adorable jack-o-lantern painted plate by Sadies Seasongoods will be the perfect spooky addition to your front door.
9. Above bed wall art
This project is perfect if you have a large stack of wicker plates that you have no clue what to do with. Take that stack and paint them your favorite colors. Once you're done painting, check out this project by 320 Sycamore Blog to learn how to transform them into an above the bed wall hanging.
10. Watermelon decorations
Nothing says Summer quite like fresh and juicy watermelon. Decorate your house for the warm weather with these adorable watermelon painted plates. A little bit of plate sure goes a long way.
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