12 brilliant projects you can do after visiting the thrift store

Shopping at thrift stores is a fun activity in and of itself: never knowing what you are going to find, saving tons of money, and that feeling of satisfaction when you find the perfect item for your home. What could be better?
It's great when you find ready to use items at thrift stores but what's even better is finding objects to recycle and make your own. This list is the best ways to turn those thrift store finds into one of a kind objects. With a little time and imagination, you can spend a few bucks and make something that is priceless.
1. Teacup Lamp
Do you love driving tea? Or maybe you are a die hard Alice In Wonderland fan? Whatever the reason, you cannot deny how cool this DIY teacup lamp is. Even if you hate tea, it's hard not to be impressed with this project by Feathering My Nest.
2. Sunglass holder
If you are a fashion guru that lives in a sunny environment, you probably have more sunglasses than you know what to do with. Don't damage them by letting them sit at the bottom of your purse. Instead, create this awesome holder out of an old picture frame.
3. Framed Succulents
Succulents are a great way to add a little green to your home or to liven up your garden with minimum effort. Organize them into a beautiful display by creating this frame you can find for pennies at a thrift store.
4. Farmhouse containers
Kitchen containers can get pricey when you go to name brand stores. Instead, buy some cheap glass jars from a thrift store and paint over them instead for a rustic, farmhouse look.
5. Tray makeover
Scratched up wooden trays are a dime a dozen at thrift stores. Next time you see one lying around, grab it and visit Erin Spain's blog to learn how to turn it into a fabulously chic coffee table tray.
6. Rustic message board
You would never believe the transformation of this old, wooden calendar. With just a few materials you can turn this outdated kitchen item into a rustic, French-inspired message board.
7. Rope basket
Creative storage is an absolute must for keeping an organized house. But instead of using things like plastic containers or old baskets, add your own creative spin. This thrift store basket has been revamped with rope to make cute book storage for the living room.
8. Jewelry trays
Old ceramic and wooden containers can be found in piles and piles in thrift stores. Next time you see an interestingly shaped container, don't be bothered by its less-than-exciting surface. You can always paint over the original surface to give the item a new, fashionable look.
9. Serving tray
This tutorial by Sadies Seasongoods transforms a plain, wooden cutting board into a classy serving tray. Just imagine how impressed your partner would be if you brought them breakfast in bed on this bad boy.
10. Painted baskets
An easy way to transform old baskets from a thrift store is to apply your favorite color paint. Many baskets already have intricate designs within the weaving so if you paint certain sections, you can end up with beautifully colorful designs such as these.
11. Bench
This project by Sabby in Suburbia takes thrift store crafts to the next level. Here, you will find a coffee table that has been transformed into a soft and stylish bench. While it might take a little longer to make, it will definitely be worth your time.
12. Toy chest
Another fabulous furniture makeover is this old dresser that has been converted into a toy chest. Think twice before you hand down your old furniture, there are always awesome ways such as this to reuse them.
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