Don't chuck out old pickle jars. Check out 16 astonishing ways to upcycle them instead

Whether they are filled with food, storing utensils, or used as decoration, glass jars are some of the most useful things to keep around the house. If you can't live without pickles or grape jelly, we know that the jars can accumulate fast. However, make sure you keep them instead of tossing them out.
You never know when a glass jar could come in handy. They're perfect for all sorts of things like organizing your bathroom, decorating for parties, even lighting up your garden. Keep reading to see some amazing projects and hopefully gain some inspiration to start your own.
1. Canisters
If your kitchen is in need of some extra storage, save yourself some money on buying canisters from the store. Instead, make some yourself out of old jars. Within minutes, you'll have nice, handmade canisters to store your rice or sugar.
2. Upcycled jar
This lovely jar by Doodle Craft Blog was inspired by vintage apothecary jars. We love how she transformed an everyday object by adding some simple ornamentation. It would be such a shame to let such a good jar go to waste.
3. Picnic utensil caddy
This utensil caddy by Just a Little Creativity would be ideal for outdoor cooking. All you need to do is grab an old wooden box, some jars, and paint and you will have the perfect way to keep your utensils organized while you're grilling.
4. Party Favor Jars
If we were at a party, we would be so excited to get one of these jars by The Chic Site! Since party favors can be pricey, we love the idea of saving money by reusing materials from around the house.
5. Snow Globes
These waterless snow globes by Sweet Something Design are stunning and would make priceless gifts for family and friends around the holidays or to keep for yourself as Christmas decorations.
6. Spring decor jars
When Spring rolls around, not only do we need to break out the bright colors for our wardrobe but the house could use some springtime colors as well. Next time you are redecorating for Spring, try this simple and adorable painted jar project by The Latest Find.
7. Soap Dispenser
Using jars around the house can lend a very nice aesthetic to your decor. Try using them in your bathroom by converting an old pickle or jam jar into a soap dispenser.
8. Fourth of July decorations
We love these DIY Fourth of July decorations by Frugal Coupon Living. These are such a great way to show your patriotism and better yet, if you change up the colors they could be good for any holiday.
9. Crochet jar covers
This project is for the knitters and crochet lovers out there. It's amazing what a cozy crocheted cover can do for just about anything. Why shouldn't your jars get to wear a comfy sweater in the Winter too?
10. Wall decor
This super easy project will take just seconds to make but just look at how sophisticated it looks hung up on the wall. Place these in your home to hold plants, flowers, or even candles.
11. Hanging planters
We couldn't show you a list of jar projects without including a planter. Jars are so useful in both indoor and outdoor gardens. This project by Knock Off Decor shows you how to make hanging planters out of a few simple materials.
12. Pickle jar lid coasters
This involves a different part of the jar: the lid. A lot of DIY jar projects involve tossing out the lid but while you're working on the previous projects on this list, be sure to save your lids for these awesome coasters.
13. Mason jar bathroom organizer
If you have a small bathroom, you know how frustrating it can be trying to get ready in the morning with such little counter space. Using jars could be a great way to designate space for all your bathroom necessities while remaining super stylish.
14. Pin cushion
Even if you don't sew, this adorable project might make you want to learn how just so you can use this idea. Keep all your sewing supplies inside the jar while using the lid as a pin cushion. It's never a good idea to have your pins mixed in with your other materials.
15. Pumpkin jars
Fall: the perfect time for cozy sweaters, warm lattes, and pumpkin everything. You know what it's also good for? Crafts. Combine all your favorite Fall characteristics by spending a day making these precious pumpkin decorations for your home.
16. Garden lanterns
A crafter's best friend is Mod Podge. Their second best friend is old jars. Combine the two and make these gloriously colorful lanterns that would be great for a garden or a dorm room.
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