Old perfume bottles may seem useless. See 10 ingenious ways to reuse them instead

When it comes to emptying an old bottle of perfume, a lot of us might be conflicted on what to do with the old bottle. For the most part, perfume bottles are as well-crafted and beautiful as the fragrances that they hold.
Because of their beauty, it would be a shame to toss them out. Luckily, there are plenty of ideas out there on how you can reuse these bottles as both utilitarian and decorative objects in your home. Look no further for the inspiration to get yourself started.
1. Perfume bottle flower arrangements
Perfume bottles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for holding a number of things, especially flowers. These flower arrangements by The Cofran House would look so gorgeous sitting atop your bedroom vanity or in your bathroom.
2. Reed diffuser
Lovely scents don't have to end when you run out of your favorite perfume. Gave That has reused their old perfume bottles to create new scents throughout the home. Simply add your favorite diffuser oil refill or make your own to fill your old bottles with.
3. Storage
You should always keep your old perfume bottles for your bathroom. Take your bath to the next level by storing your bath beads and salts in old bottles to keep next to the tub. It's an easy and gorgeous way to store the bath time necessities.
4. Terrarium
We adore these glass terrariums by Doodle Birdie. You can buy her beautifully curated terrariums on her Etsy but you can also take a shot at making your own with your favorite plants and moss.
5. Floral display
Brighten up yours, your moms, or your friend's vanity by gifting them an adorable perfume bottle floral arrangement. While real flowers are always nice to have around the house, there is something great about bouquets that never wilt.
6. Glitter tree decorations
We LOVE DIY Christmas decorations. These glitter trees made out of perfume bottles and old salt shakers would make any room feel like a Winter wonderland.
7. Decorated bottles
Because of the unique shapes of perfume bottles and tops, they are beautiful just by themselves. If you want to add a little bit of extra glamour to your bottles you can decorate them with images, stickers, and jewels.
8. Altered bottle with lace
Similarly to the previous project, this project by Jytteskortoggodt alters the bottle by adding lace, beads, and old jewelry. We can't get enough of its sophisticated look of a fine antique bottle.
9. Necklace
If you've ever received a bunch of sample perfume bottles, you can also reuse those. Simply add a chain and some jewels and you will have a gorgeous necklace to wear to your next dinner party.
10. Oil burner
Instead of using air fresheners throughout your house, try to freshen up the place by using oil burners. While in store burners can be costly, you can make your own beautiful burners by recycling your old perfume bottles.
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