How to turn a cheap storage box into an awesome yarn storage container

I love crocheting. I'm nowhere near being a pro, but it's a fun way for me to pass the time. Plus my kids think the doll-sized hats I make are fun (and intentional ... because I REALLY meant to make it that small...). What I don't love, is the yarn tangling up.
Not only is the yarn a hassle to move around when you're in a groove, it can spell total disaster for a semi-beginner like myself when it gets knotted. The solution for that problem? A handy yarn storage/dispenser.
-A container with a lid
-Piece of wood
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All you need to do for this project is flip the lid upside down and place a piece of wood underneath it (to protect your table from the drill bit). Use a small drill bit to pierce several holes, spaced evenly, through the lid.
Place your yard inside the container and flip your lid right side up. Slide the end of your yarn through the holes in the top of the lid. You'll be able to grab whichever color you need and it should unravel smoothly without knotting or falling apart all over your lap.
Note: It helps if you plan your storage a bit so you know how your yarn will set in your container. You can then plan hole placement accordingly.
Bonus: Your cats can't get to your entire supply of yarn anymore!
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