14 fall DIYs that you're gonna fall for

The most wonderful time of the year is almost here! No, I am not talking about Christmas. Although Christmas is wonderful, I can't help but get the warm fuzzies about fall. The crisp colors, the leaves — don't even get me started on sweaters and boots.
Even better than all that, I love crafting and filling my home with my own DIYs. In preparation to do a little crafting this fall, I have compiled a list of some beautiful projects. Take a look at this list, and if you have friends who are crazy about fall, make sure you share this with them, too!
1. Fall leaves mason jar votive holder
Beautify your space by making a mason jar votive holder covered in fall leaves. This is a quick and easy craft, too! All you need is some clean mason jars, leaves, Mod Podge and a sponge brush. You can add a bit of twine around the mouth of the jar for a bit of the rustic touch.
2. Wood block letters
If you love to turn trash into treasure, you're gonna love this! These wood blocks were actually made out of old window and door trim. You could use any type of scrap wood to make these, though. Add some wood craft letters, and that makes this one frugal, yet beautiful DIY.
3. Wood slice pumpkins
If you're not a fan of the mess that comes along with carving pumpkins, just go a different route this year. Try your hand at recreating these gorgeous wood slice pumpkins. The step-by-step tutorial makes this DIY easy and fun to do!
4. Corn vase
Ditch the traditional glass vase in favor of something that's just a little more fall. This DIY corn vase will add a much needed autumn vibe to your home. This would look amazing in an entryway or as a table centerpiece.
5. Punched tin votive candle holders
Beautiful decor doesn't have to cost you a ton of money. If you buy canned goods, make sure you save a bunch of those cans. Your fall tablescape is going to look great with this DIY. Feel free to get creative and spell out whatever suits your taste.
6. Ombré pinecones
I love throwing in a couple of non-traditional fall colors into my decor. Take a look at these fun ombré pinecones. These would look great in a glass dish or even hanging from a banner. If you like to paint things that you find out in nature, make sure you check out #13!
7. Fall leaf banner
It's no coincidence that I just mentioned a banner, because here is a fall banner that would look great hanging from any mantle. Banners aren't really thought about when it comes to home decor, but after seeing this one, maybe people should reconsider.
8. Yarn pumpkins
You can make adorable little pumpkins by using yarn, glue and balloons. The possibilities for these little pumpkins are endless. I think it would be cute to fill them with candy for Halloween!
9. Leaf bowl
When it comes to fall, it's best to put your treats out in something just a little festive. A DIY leaf bowl should do the trick! You'll be the one with the trick, though. Your friends will find it hard to believe that you made something so gorgeous!
10. Wood pumpkins
Pumpkins that you don't have to dispose of after fall is over are my kind of pumpkins. If you like the wood and rustic look, then these pumpkins are for you! There is a great tutorial for this DIY that will have you well on your way to making these.
11. Fabric pumpkins
If working with wood isn't your thing, don't worry. This DIY has got you covered -- fabric pumpkins that you can create to match your space. Pick up some new fabric to match your home or even use this as an opportunity to use up old fabric scraps.
12. Wine cork pumpkin
Did someone say wine and craft night? If so, save those corks. You're going to want them so you can make your own wine cork pumpkin. How adorable is this?
13. Painted acorns
Head out into the great outdoors and go hunting for acorns! Bring them back to your craft room and give them a little face-lift. Use your painted acorns to decorate your home this fall.
14. Twig votive holders
These DIY twig votive holders just have a fall look about them, but you could also leave them out year round. That makes this DIY even more appealing. All you need are some twigs, a glass votive holder and a hot glue gun.
So who's ready for fall? Pick one of these crafts and start your fall projects now!
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