You're gonna start saving your wine bottles after seeing these 12 cool ideas

Is there anything better than a wine and craft night? How about actually crafting with the wine bottle? You might just toss your empties in the recycling bin without even thinking twice. It's time to put a stop to that, and this list might be the inspiration to change your ways.
I have rounded up 12 of the prettiest wine bottle crafts to ever come across the Internet. Take a look and let me know which one will have you saving empty wine bottles.
1. Terrariums (h/t Saved by Love Creations)
You can cut a wine bottle to make these whimsical terrariums. Devices exist that cut wine bottles or there are DIY techniques. Check out the video below to see how it's done.
2. Elegant centerpiece
This elegant, yet simple table centerpiece is more than enough reason to start saving wine bottles. Check out how easy it is to put together.
3. Mercury glass bottles (h/t The Joy of Decorating)
These chic bottles add a touch of metallic to your decor. Make a single one or make several and group them together. Watch the stunning result below.
4. Ombré fall centerpiece (h/t Brit+Co)
Create the ultimate fall centerpiece with the help of the video below.
5. Beachy decor (h/t Cameo Cottage Designs)
If your home has the whole beachy vibe going, then this craft is right up your alley. Watch the video below to see the end result.
6. Self-watering planter (h/t Little Projectiles)
If your thumb isn't green, you should try this one. This DIY project takes all the work out of having to water your plants. Check out the video below to see this in action.
7. Candle holders
How does this work with a wine bottle? Check out the following video to see this project come to life.
8. Dish soap dispenser (h/t Living Well Spending Less)
Don't just set your dish soap on the counter when you get home from the store; put it in your personalized dispenser first. Just find an old wine bottle to use and follow the steps in the video below.
9. Bird feeder
If you love to watch birds, then attract your feathered friends with this DIY bird feeder. You can make a whole bunch and hang them from your trees. Check out the video below to learn how.
10. Colorful chandelier
This colorful chandelier was made using wine bottles and Mod Podge sheer colors. If you can't get this product, you could always mix regular Mod Podge with food coloring. Check out these instructions to make this chandelier.
11. Wine bottle lamp
Make a unique side table lamp by upcycling a wine bottle. Check out a local thrift store to find an old lamp you can upcycle for this project. Get started with the instructions here.
12. Citronella torches
Keep mosquitoes at bay and create some beautiful ambiance in your backyard with these gorgeous citronella torches Find the tutorial here.
Resources Brit+Co
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