Mix up some concrete because here are 16 cement DIYs just too pretty to pass up

When you think of materials you use to craft, things like fabric, beads, and yarn come to mind. You may not think about cement, but you can use concrete to craft all kinds of really cool DIY projects, mainly for outdoor decor use.
The word 'pretty' may not be synonymous with cement in most cases, since we're used to seeing concrete used for things like driveways and sidewalks, but you'd be surprised what you can do when you get creative with any type of material, and even cement can turn into something beautiful in the right hands.
1. Concrete bowls
Delicate and beautiful, hand-blown concrete bowls make gorgeous additions to your patio or even indoors. Since they're handmade, each bowl is different, making them one of a kind. Group them together in different sizes, or display one for impact.
2. Hanging table
Chic and fun, this hanging concrete table is a conversation starter. Perfect for indoor or patio use, this display looks a bit different from traditional plant hangers, making it perfect for a unique project.
3. Geometric projects
Take on two different statement pieces using concrete. One is a small bowl you can use to store jewelry or other items, or even place a candle. The other is a planter with an eye-catching diamond shape.
4. Concrete coasters
Call it industrial chic. Concrete coasters are a stunning and stylish way to use cement in your crafting projects. Your friends won't believe you made these from cement, and you can customize them easily with inserts.
5. Picture frame
Turn cement into a cute picture frame. Cement isn't just for outdoor-inspired crafts. Use this versatile material to make inside home decor as well. You can make a frame of any size.
6. Helping hands
Visitors will do a double take when you slip your keys or jacket on your own finger. Make concrete helping hands for a DIY that really stands out! Give yourself a 'hand' for using your own ingenuity to craft a cool concrete project.
7. Cement ornaments
Christmas crafts are some of the most fun, and you can even use concrete to make the cutest holiday ornaments. Use them to adorn packages, give them as gifts, or let your kids paint them and hang them on the tree.
8. Button stepping stones
Refresh your garden path with this darling DIY and create colorful button stones. Guide visitors through your garden or yard in this most adorable way possible! You can customize these by making them different sizes and painting them in various shades.
9. Concrete pumpkin
You may have seen seasonal lawn ornaments at home and garden stores for high prices, but you can make your own cute fall jack 'o lantern using a dollar store pumpkin. These look great greeting guests next to your door or in your yard. ​
10. Concrete necklace
You may not have ever thought of concrete as pretty, but this DIY will change your mind. Make sweet jewelry from this sturdy material and have everyone asking where you got your latest chic piece.
11. Concrete planters
Turn concrete mix into really cool hurricane planters. Customize them with rocks, candles, plants, and anything you desire and line them up in your garden or along your walkway for decor that sets your yard apart. Plus, they just look really neat.
12. Cement magnets
The sky is the limit when you use concrete to craft magnets. Since you use silicone molds to create them, there are many possibilities, including seasonal magnets or kids' shapes.
13. Cement vase
Cement vases are cool because the beauty of flowers combined with the look of the concrete makes for a visually appealing contrast. You can also personalize the way they look with paint or other enhancements.
14. Monograms
Using letters to decorate is trendy, and likely will remain popular. It's an easy and fun way to personalize any space, and you can make one letter or more depending on what you desire. Use concrete to make cool letters for your home.
15. iPad stand
Don't spend money on a boring iPad stand. Make your own functional stand with cement. Durable and interesting, a concrete iPad stand is easy to create.
16. Lace cement votives
You wouldn't think that something like lace and concrete would complement each other, but they totally do! Just look at these gorgeous DIY votives. You can find out how to make them here.
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