Cut a wine bottle in half and prepare to be amazed. (6+ wine bottle crafts)

Is there anything better than a wine and craft night? How about actually crafting with the wine bottle? Empty bottles often get tossed into the recycling without anyone even thinking twice.
It's time to stop that practice, and this list of projects tells you why. Check out the wine bottle crafts below to get inspiration.
Simple centerpiece
This simple table centerpiece is more than enough reason to start saving wine bottles. Check out how easy it is to put together.
Mercury glass bottles (h/t The Joy of Decorating)
These chic bottles add a touch of metallic to your decor. Make a single one or make several and group them together. Watch the stunning result in the video below.
Ombré fall centerpiece (h/t Brit+Co)
Make the ultimate fall centerpiece with the help of the video below.
Beachy decor (h/t Cameo Cottage Designs)
If your home has a whole beachy vibe going, then this craft is right up your alley. Watch the video below to see the end result.
Self-watering planter (h/t Little Projectiles)
You might want to try this one if your thumb is less than green. This DIY project takes all the work out of having to water your plants – something that is easy to forget. Watch the video below to see it in action.
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