Pick up a crate, you're gonna want to copy this mom's clever DIY

Kids may be small, but the messes that come with them aren't. Small toys, stuffed animals, and blocks are just a few things you may trip over upon entering your child's bedroom. Luckily, cleaning up the mess is simple when you have the right supplies.
Purchasing storage tubs, totes, and crates is great, but it may not satisfy your long-term, decorative, or budgetary needs. Take matters into your own hands and clean up the mess with these easy and fun storage DIYs to wrangle your tot's toys.
1. Tractor toy box
Make a cute toy box using recycled wood crates. Crates come in handy for many crafts, and these aren't just functional; this project turns out simply adorable. It's not only a great way to stash stuffed animals, books, or toys, but it's a decorative piece that your kid will love the looks of.
2. Toilet paper roll garage
Little boys and girls love playing with vehicles, and your kid may have an out of control Hot Wheels collection. Provide those little cars with their very own parking garage when you recycle toilet paper rolls into mini parking spaces. This simple and cheap DIY gets cars off the floor and into their own special storage.
3. LEGO table
Got an old end table lying around? Transform it into a fun LEGO table where your kids can not only store their blocks but play with them, too. And once you paint this piece up, it looks right at home in your living room and gives your kids something to do when they're bored.
4. Personal zoo
Feel like you're living in a zoo? Most parents do! Treat your child to their own custom zoo when you build this cool stuffed animal storage piece that looks simply awesome in their bedroom or playroom! Let them put their animals on display in a small zoo that's just the right size.
5. Bath toy storage
Most kids love bathtime, and with so many fun bath toys on the market, it's easy to see why. However, taking a shower while you trip over toys isn't fun for any adult, so keep bathtub clutter at bay with this easy storage DIY.
6. Under bed toy storage
Using a drawer from IKEA, create a rolling storage box that easily slides under your kid's bed, freeing up space for other things. It's easy enough for your child to access his or her toys, and it keeps the floor clean too. Customizing the drawer with paint makes it more personalized.
7. Block head
You've probably seen those expensive LEGO heads that store blocks. They look cute and provide plenty of space to stash even the smallest pieces so your child can keep up with his or her block collection. Craft your own block head using a simple DIY that turns inexpensive snack containers you already have into the cutest toy storage pieces.
8. House bookshelf
Having a child who enjoys reading is great! However, books all over the floor is not. Keep books neat and in place with this super cute house bookshelf that not only stores stuff but catches your eye, too. Paint it to match your child's bedroom and make it easy and fun for kids to put away their books.
9. Dress-up corner
Kids love dressing up, whether they're pretending they're grown-ups or they want to slip into the outfit of their favorite superhero. Create a corner solely for capes, costumes, and accessories using shelving and cubbies and let their imaginations fly free.
10. Upholstered toy box
Beautiful and functional, this upholstered toy box looks like it cost a fortune. However, you can save money when you make it yourself. Customize the box with the fabric and paint colors that match your child's bedroom, and you have a toy box that pulls double duty as a soft bench to sit on.
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