What this woman did with drawers from the trash will inspire you to get crafting

Making something beautiful out of nothing is one of my favorite parts of DIY, especially when I can use something that would otherwise just go in the garbage! Being able to repurpose old drawers is a dream come true.
You should be able to find old drawers for next to nothing at the thrift store, or you might even have some lying around your house. Either way, most of these projects will cost you almost nothing to make!
1. Modular bookcase
If you manage to find an entire dressers' worth full of drawers, consider turning them into an awesome modular bookcase! All that's needed is a fresh coat of paint, some decoupage work, and a few screws to hold it all together. Find out more here!
2. Pet bed
Why would you ever buy an expensive pet bed from the store when you could make one as cute as this? Follow this tutorial if you want to make your furry friend an awesome place to sleep!
3. Open shelf
I love the beachy look of this charming shelf, and it doesn't look like it was made from a drawer at all! You can learn more about this project from Confessions Of A Serial DIYer.
4. Cubby organizer
My life could definitely use some more organization, and this cubby organizer is such a great idea! I love the blue paint used by the blogger at My Repurposed Life, but there so many fun color combinations you could do!
5. Charming table centerpiece
I just love this delicate little drawer-turned-centerpiece! From Evija With Love glued decorative moulding to her drawer to make it pretty, but if you're lucky, you might be able to find a drawer that already has some woodwork on it.
6. Candle holder
The drawer used to make this candle holder was definitely on the smaller side, but this is a great project to do if you don't have a ton of room in your house for new furniture. Learn how to make your own here.
7. Drawer door hangers
Have you been wondering what to do with a drawer that has a nice front but an unusable interior? These drawer front hangers are your answer! You can make your own using this tutorial.
8. Sandwich station
If you usually pack lunches for yourself or for your family, this is such a clever way to streamline the morning rush! In fact, it's almost genius. Make one for yourself using this tutorial.
9. Under-the-bed storage
This cute little rolling drawer will really help you make the most of your under-the-bed storage space! This is an especially great idea to help your kids keep their rooms tidy, but I wouldn't mind having one in my own room. See more photos here.
10. Ottoman
This ottoman is so cute! Or, as the blogger at Beyond The Picket Fence said, it's 'ottodrawertastic'. It even has plenty of storage for your magazines, blankets, and books!
11. Ribbon organizer
If you can never seem to keep your craft supplies organized, this is a great way to store your ribbons or even rolls of stickers and labels. You can learn how to make it yourself here!
12. Chalkboard
Chalkboard paint can really save the day! This is so useful: it has hooks for your keys, a bulletin board, and plenty of space to write little chalk notes. Here's an awesome step-by-step tutorial!
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