You'll be amazed when you see why this woman upcycled this dresser

So you decided it's time to spring for a new dresser. However, your old one still has good bones. Instead of tossing it, why not upcycle it into something entirely new? This is also a great way to repurpose antique or vintage pieces that aren't what they used to be.
Older dressers were made to last, which makes them the perfect candidates for upcycling. Once you transform them, they'll enjoy a brand new lease on life as another type of furniture, and you'll save money using an old dresser as something else.
1. VW bus
An old dresser becomes a funky cool car with this creative and crafty DIY. Perfect for a kid's bedroom, it's easy to take an inexpensive or old dresser and turn it into something truly unique and fun. A conversation piece any car buff will love, this piece stands out.
2. Kitchen island
Everyone loves a kitchen island. They're the perfect prep station, give you a spot to store cookware or implements, and they provide a bit of decoration to your kitchen. Multifunctional and useful, kitchen islands are also costly. Negate the price by turning a dresser into the island of your dreams.
3. Bar
Serve up cocktails when you turn a dresser into a bar. This is a really fun way to use a dresser, and you can paint it and make it part of a wedding reception or special occasion, or put it on your patio for evening drinks with friends and family. Add racks for your bar tools and keep everything within reach.
4. Media stand
Dressers make perfect media stands. They have plenty of space for storage, lots of room on top, and they're sturdy enough for daily use. Whether you have a wall-mount set or a regular television, a dresser of any size makes a fun and simple TV stand you can easily customize.
5. Vanity
A vanity is every woman's dream. Who wouldn't love a place with plenty of room to put makeup, hair accessories, and toiletries? Use a dresser for the base of this vanity project and you can fit it with a sink to use as a bathroom counter, or add a mirror and make it your personal space for getting ready.
6. LEGO table
Perfect in a kid's bedroom, a dresser becomes a fun LEGO table with matching padded stools. You may have to break down your old dresser and it might not look recognizable anymore, but the results are worth it when you're done with this creative, precious piece.
7. Tool storage
Keeping tools together is smart, and not only are they there when you need them, but they stay secure and protected. A dresser is the perfect place for tools, and you can add in even more compartments to create spots to stash small pieces, such as nails or staples. Wheels make it mobile.
8. Blanket cabinet
Have you amassed a stack of blankets draped over your couch and chairs, and find they make your room feel cluttered? Get them out of the way with a sweet blanket cabinet. This is not only a decorative piece but it's a useful way to store blankets and keep them easily within reach.
9. Bench
Cute in an entryway, a dresser-turned-bench is an eye-catching piece. Turn an old or unattractive dresser into the functional piece it was meant to be, and decorate your entryway, patio, or sitting room with a shabby chic bench you can customize by picking the perfect paint and adding pillows or a throw.
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