I was totally blown away when I saw what she made with lace and Mod Podge

There's something simply delicate, feminine, and beautiful about lace. Not just that, but the fabric is timeless, always in fashion, and instantly adds detail to any garment, bag, or decoration. Available in a variety of designs as well as colors, lace is flexible, fashionable, and fun.
For fans of the shabby chic decor look, lace is irresistible and adds that special something to a charming and rustic home. Old-fashioned yet trendy, antique and modern, and altogether addictive, lace is one of the most widely used types of fabric in all types of crafts.
1. Lace earrings (h/t Simply Made With Love)
Use lace trim to easily craft handmade earrings. These sweet accessories are fun to customize with extra add-ons like beads or paint, and they add sophistication to any look, whether it's a dress or a cotton T-shirt and jeans.
2. Lace candles (h/t Family Chic)
Basic but beautiful, these lace votives look amazingly high-end. Use white lace for a more classic look, or use black lace for a darker, Gothic vibe. They look gorgeous as part of a Halloween display or grouped together as a table centerpiece.
3. Lace bowl (h/t Free People)
Got some doilies lying around that you're not sure what to do with? Transform them into beautiful bowls that will definitely catch guests' eyes! Fill the bowls with whatever you like to create a pretty display or use them for practical storage.
4. Lace pillows (h/t By Wilma)
Liven up toss pillows by adding lovely lace. Plain pillows get a lot more interesting with the addition of lace. This is a great way to reuse old pieces of lace or even lace garments.
5. Lace notebook (h/t A Beautiful Mess)
Make list-making less boring with a lace patterned notebook. Stylish and sophisticated, these lace notebooks are easy to make and look like something you purchased at a high-end stationary store.
6. Lace wreath (h/t My Blessed Life)
Lace makes a great addition to wreaths, and you don't need the right season or perfect time to hang a lace-embellished wreath. Use the fabric patterns and colors of your choice to create a custom piece.
7. Lace table (h/t Doodle Craft Blog)
This DIY looks like something from a designer decor store, but it literally only costs a few dollars to make. Perfect for a side table in a shabby chic room, this lace table is visually appealing and fun to craft.
8. Lace clutch (h/t Wobisobi)
Repurpose a worn-out clutch and give it a brand new look when you add lace. Lace not only lets you continue to use an older clutch, but it lets you enjoy the latest lace trends in the most affordable way.
9. Lace shorts (h/t Chictopia)
Add a bit of flair to a plain pair of denim or colored shorts by putting in a sweet lace pocket. Shorts like this sell for big bucks in designer boutiques, but you can make your own in an afternoon. You don't need a sewing machine or advanced skills to craft these cute shorts.
10. Hanging lace lamp (h/t Dos Family)
Not many crafts require a balloon, but this lamp's distinctive shape comes from a regular balloon and uses a grade-school paper mache style! Fun to make, these lamps look really cool once you're done. Make a few and hang them at different lengths.
11. Mason jars (h/t Ruche)
Lace decorate mason jars are great for wedding reception decorations, centerpieces, or flower vases. There are endless uses for these jars and this basic DIY gives you the tools to create custom jars with a pretty vintage look.
12. Sock wrist warmers (h/t The Little Treasures)
Don't toss socks with holes in the toes; recycle them into super cute wrist warmers edged with lace! Functional and fun to wear, wrist warmers keep you toasty during the winter and keep your fingers free to type, drive, or shop.
13. Lace tea towels (h/t Beckham + Belle)
Don't spend tons of money on tea towels. Start with some affordable fabric and turn them into something designer-worthy. Lace towels have a vintage look to them, and look pretty in a shabby kitchen. They also make great gifts!
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