Reuse paint chips to make some pretty amazing pieces of decor for your home

If you love colors, you know that there's something incredibly visually appealing about the ombre stacks of color found on paint chips. Pink, blue, purple, green, yellow... some of the colors might not look great on your walls, but that doesn't mean you can't use them for crafting!
If you don't already have some paint chips lying around the house, it's time to head to the paint store. With some scissors, some glue, and enough time, you can turn simple paint chips into cheerful, functional home decor!
1. Festive Easter egg garland (h/t Modern Parents Messy Kids)
How pretty is this colorful Easter egg garland? The egg shape suits the paint chips perfectly, but if you're feeling creative, you could try cutting out another shape of your choice.
2. Cheerful wall art (h/t I Heart Organizing)
Who says hearts are only for Valentine's Day? This colorful wall art would be a pleasure to look at year-round! I love the ombre pattern, but there are so many different fun color combinations you could do with this project.
3. Thank you cards
This is another great idea for using cute paper punches! There's no need to invest in expensive card paper when you can make such lovely color-coordinated paper shapes for free.
4. Coasters (h/t 645 Workshop)
You can never have too many coasters, but they make great gifts for others as well. These ones were made with tiles, paint chips, mod podge, and spray acrylic, and the best thing about them is that they could be made to match any decor!
5. Chevron ombre necklace (h/t By Wilma)
Ombre and chevron are two of my favorite things, and here they are combined into an adorable necklace! These are very inexpensive and easy to make, so you might want to make extras for your friends.
6. Colorful wreath (h/t Style At Home)
This wreath reminds me of Christmas, but you could easily make one in a different color scheme to suit almost any season! The ombre effect is beautiful, but you could play around with the colors in so many other fun ways as well.
7. Hanging mobile (h/t Kirtsy)
You might have just found the perfect DIY project to bring to your next baby shower! This hanging mobile would look so cute in a kid's room, but if you don't have kids, it would look just as great in your living room or out on your porch.
8. Weekly menu planner (h/t Bombshell Bling)
Planning out a weekly menu is so helpful, and I can't think of anything more motivating than this cute, colorful menu planner! Hang it inside a glass picture frame so that you can easily write on it with a dry erase marker and reuse it week after week.
9. IKEA clock makeover
IKEA is one of my favorite places to shop, partially because some of the plain pieces are so fun and easy to dress up! I would have never guessed that this cheerful little clock was decorated with paint chips, would you have?
10. Jewelry display
Finally, a good reason to organize your jewelry and put it on display! This colorful display would be so easy to make, and I just love the fact that the colors would be easy to change out whenever you're feeling inspired.
11. Chandelier (h/t Rhiannon Bosse)
I'm always on the hunt for the perfect light fixture, and this DIY chandelier definitely fits the bill! These are fairly inexpensive to make, and they would be great for a wedding or other special event. The scalloped circles below are fantastic, but I'd love to try making a chandelier with a different shaped paper punch as well!
12. Fridge magnets (h/t How About Orange)
Cute fridge magnets usually cost a pretty penny, but these cost next to nothing to make! If you're feeling especially motivated, you could even cut the magnets up into hearts, stars, or other fun shapes.
13. Faux hydrangeas (h/t HGTV)
These faux hydrangeas are so much nicer than fake flowers from the dollar store, and they're a lot of fun to make! They're also a lot easier to make than they look; all you need to do is use push pins with pearls on the end to attach flower-shaped punch-outs to Styrofoam balls.
14. Paint chip lampshade (h/t Pretty Handy Girl)
I think this is one of the most unique DIY lampshades I've ever seen! It might take a little bit of effort to pick paint chips that will match your decor perfectly, but you should be able to find paint chips in almost every shade imaginable.
15. Paint chip calendar (h/t Lisa Loves John)
Most big dry-erase calendars are a bit of an eyesore, but this one is so cute! Make it with your favorite colors so that you stay motivated to use it all year long.
It's probably time for you to head out and pick up some paint chips in your favorite color scheme, but don't forget to share this article with your friends and family on Facebook before you go!
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