This item for your home costs a fortune, but she made her own for super cheap!

Decorating your home can be a lot of fun, but it can also be tough on the wallet. You may want to implement a certain style of decorating that your budget just can't match. Instead of giving up on the aesthetic you want for your home, why not just get creative instead?
Though certain items may seem out of your reach, it's easy to find DIYs that allow you to have the look you desire for a fraction of the cost. You don't have to be a crafting expert, either. Don't empty your wallet for decorations or linens; get out your craft supplies instead!
1. Roman shade (h/t Bower Power)
There's something sophisticated about the way a Roman shade looks, and these shades don't come cheap in home decor stores. Instead of paying top dollar for a shade, create this look on your own and save cash. Use two patterned pieces to create a versatile, reversible shade!
2. Shutter table (h/t Good Housekeeping)
Shabby chic and rustic, a few shutters make a charming side or entry table. Distressed shutters lend an authentic, genuine look, and this simple DIY is the perfect spot to sit a plant or other knickknacks. They may sell for a high price at retailers, but you can make this one for mere dollars.
3. Bar cart (h/t Honestly Yum)
Cocktails, anyone? Elegant and perfect for get-togethers or dinner parties, a bar cart gives you the benefits of a bar without taking up the space. You may have seen bar carts at stores with a high price tag, but it's simple to make your own version that looks just as high-end as retail carts.
4. Sparkly agate coasters (h/t Thou Swell)
So simple you won't believe it, these coasters are gold and glam ways to protect your table from water rings. Sold in premium stores for out-of-your-budget prices, you can easily snag a set yourself and DIY them to perfection! Nobody will believe how little it cost for these gleaming, gilded coasters!
5. Upholstered headboard (h/t Kindle Your Creativity)
Purchasing a headboard can be a major investment. Upholstered headboards are a great way to make over a drab room or give an old bed an update. These types of headboards don't come cheap, but making your own not only saves you cash, but allows you to customize the headboard exactly as you desire.
6. Tile mirror (h/t Leslie Stocker)
Everyone loves Pottery Barn, but it can often be beyond the budget you may have set for home decor. Take inspiration from this high-end store and DIY your own elegant tiled mirror. This basic DIY makes a big impact in any room and offers a dramatic look.
7. Roman numeral clock (h/t Handmade Haven)
Oversized clocks are a popular home decoration, and these rustic, farmhouse-inspired pieces look great in a shabby chic kitchen or dining area. Recreate the look of these expensive clocks yourself with a basic DIY anyone can dive into.
8. Feather lamp (h/t A Beautiful Mess)
Fluffy and fun, a feather pendant lamp cost big bucks at designer decor shops, but it only takes a few supplies to make your own version of this popular and eye-catching lamp. Adorable in a kid's room, a feather lamp is a fun way to use paper lanterns.
9. DIY rose vase (h/t Vintage Romance Style)
Kate Spade's whimsically designed home decor items, including vases, don't come cheap, but if you love the style of her pieces, use a few craft basics to get the same look for a lot less. This gold rose bowl vase looks elegant and expensive, and only costs a few dollars to create.
10. Collage plates (h/t Mad in Crafts)
Artistic plates make beautiful wall decorations, and many retailers offer these conversation pieces at a premium. However, all you need are some inspiring images and old plates to craft your own version of these pretty plates that look perfect grouped together on the kitchen or dining room wall.
11. Leather jewelry holder (h/t Lia Griffith)
Add a chic look to your dresser or vanity with a functional and fashionable leather jewelry holder. At modern stores, a piece like this would never be a bargain, but making it yourself saves you cash and lets you personalize this pretty piece with the leather you like as well as the embroidery floss shade that works best for you.
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