Are you putting your concealer on correctly? Here are 5 tricks you probably haven't heard of

Concealer is the makeup industry’s gift to women. Its job is right in its name: to conceal. Chances are you’ve been using concealer the same way your entire life…to hide your flaws. But, and this is a big one, it can actually be accentuating things you’d rather keep hidden.
If there’s one item in your makeup bag that is the most misunderstood, concealer’s the one. And it can do a whole lot more than you think, so read on for five concealer tips that will make imperfections a thing of the past.
1. Stop applying it in half-moons under your eyes
If you’re battling under eye circles, you may be tempted to simply cover them with concealer and be done with it. The half-moon approach, though, can actually draw more attention to your circles. To minimize them, try applying your concealer in a triangle shape that descends more toward your cheekbone. This creates a larger area of light that is offset by your blush.
2. Don’t expect concealer to color correct
Are you using concealer to cover broken capillaries or blemishes? If you’re attempting to cover redness, then you need a color-correcting concealer in green. The pigment neutralizes the redness in your skin, which will make your normal concealer work better. In some cases, you may be able to simply apply your foundation over the color corrector. ​
3. Apply concealer after foundation
Many women apply concealer before foundation, but the reverse order works better. After all, how do you know what needs covering if you don’t have your base makeup on? Try applying your foundation first and then spot covering imperfections with concealer. You’ll save product and get better results.
4. Buy multiple shades
Eye shadow isn’t the only thing that comes in palettes these days. Concealer palettes allow you to truly customize or blend your perfect color. Since the color under your eyes is lighter than the rest of your facial skin, having multiple concealers is a fact of life. Bonus: The darker shades in the palette can be used for contouring.
5. Avoid creasing with lip balm
You’ve probably never thought about what causes your under-eye concealer to crease. The answer: lack of hydration. To avoid this, simply tap a small amount of non-oily lip balm on the outer edge of the concealer to blur it slightly. And if you notice creasing mid-day, just pat a tiny amount of eye cream on the area to refresh the product and hydrate your eye area. Pretty cool, huh?
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