Water isn't just for drinking and bathing. Take a look at these 8 cool science experiments

Water is one of the most fundamental building blocks or all living creatures. But when you look at it, it doesn't appear to be anything special. But, this seemingly simple compound is quite potent, and fun to use in different experiments.
Check out a few of the coolest science experience we've found that rely on water to work.
1. Traveling Water (h/t Rookie Parenting)
Water molecules are attracted to each other, and they are attracted to other objects. This dual-attraction (cohesion and adhesion) means that you can get water to travel from one cup to another, using a single piece of string, and the water won't drip onto the table.
2. Unpoppable bubble recipe
Blowing bubble is fun, but it is even more fun when you can catch the bubble without popping it. This works because regular bubbles occur when water becomes trapped between soap molecules. Adding corn syrup to the recipe creates a stronger bubble that's similar in structure to a sugar polymer bubble.
3.Water refraction science experiment
When light passes through glass and water, the light refracts (or bends). When this happens, the image behind the glass looks different. It bends, distorts, and even reflects it's opposite.
4. Ocean in a bottle (h/t This is Trix)
This experiment works because water and oil don't mix. The blue food coloring will turn your water blue (so that it looks like waves). When you add the oil to your water, the two repel each other, creating a wave-like movement. For best results, fill the jar as full as possible and avoid shaking the jar.
5. Make a leak-proof bag
If you do this the right way, polymers in the bag seal behind the puncture, preventing water from spilling out. The molecules inside the bag, low-density polyethylene molecules, are flexible and can move to form a temporary seal. Once the pencil is removed, the water leaks because the temporary seal is broken.
6. Create instant ice
If you have any Elsa fans, they'll love this seemingly magical experiment. The science behind this neat trick is timing and patience. This works because, for supercooled water to become stable, it has to lose more heat (which it disperses to the rest of the water around it.) Note: Using caution if you opt for glass because the sudden freezing could shatter the cup.
7. Cloud in a jar (h/t Red Tricycle)
When warm water comes into contact with cold air, it turns to water vapor. When water vapor has a polymer to stick to (like the hairspray in this experiment), it creates a cloud.
8. Rising water (h/t Steam Powered Family)
This experiment plays on oxygen and temperature levels. When the candle in the jar goes out, the temperature starts to drop quickly inside the glass. This quick change creates a vacuum which sucked the water up into the jar.
Make sure you share all of these cool water-themed experiments with your friends and family, so they can see how awesome water is too.
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