10 science experiments involving Coke you need to see to believe

Coke is fun. Yes, it makes you belch, and it's fun to shake and leave for some unsuspecting recipient to open. However, there is magic behind this dark liquid in its chemistry.
Coke is highly carbonated, meaning it has a lot of carbon dioxide in it. This makes for quite a reactive substance. Tag on its low pH, and you have a recipe for fun! Before you chug down that bottle, keep on reading to find out some cool stuff you can do with Coke!
1. Mento explosion
You've probably heard how explosive combining Mentos and Coke can be.
This process is actually really cool to play around with. You can do a lot of cool experiments, but be careful! Those little Mentos pack a punch in Coke!
2. Red Bull, Coke, milk
Now, this is pretty cool!
3. Meat
You've probably heard of a family member or neighbor using Coke to tenderize meat. Well, it does this based on its pH levels. Check out the following video to see what happens:
4. Cleaning
Cleaning isn't fun, but it can be! Just use Coke. The magic lies in the low pH, just like many other house cleaners.
5. Eggs
To show how Coke stains teeth, soak an egg in Coke for 24 hours.
6. Gum
This is one of those experiments where you don't do it until the conditions are right. (Don't go putting gum in your hair for the sake of the experiment.) Next time someone throws some gum in your hair, you can use Coke to get it out!
7. Hiccups
Hiccups can be quite annoying. Amazingly enough, Coke can get rid of hiccups. It's suggested to gargle with ice-cold Coke to get rid of them. The hot version of Coke is known to be good for relieving congestion.
8. Pesticide
This is a very vague area of Coke science, but farmers across the world swear by Coke as a pesticide. The idea is to leave open cans of Coke to catch bugs, so they will drown in the liquid.
9. Jellyfish Stings
If you love going to the beach but are afraid of the jellyfish, don't worry! You can use Coke to get rid of the pain. This is not used as a substitute to treatment as some people may be allergic to it.
10. Curls
Now, this is one I'd like to try! Coke can bring out the natural curl in your hair.
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