14 spectacular crafts you can make by doodling with a Sharpie

Everyone loves a Sharpie. These permanent markers do everything from write smoothly on your calendar to personalize your kids' lunch boxes and never smear or rub off. But did you know you can use these bold markers to create a spectrum of crafts? Turns out, Sharpies have more than one use; in fact, they have hundreds!
1. Leopard tote bag (h/t P.S. I Made This)
Turn a plain canvas bag into the animal print tote of your dreams with just a few Sharpie markers. Customize the bag with the colors you desire and add stripes along with your name, initials, or favorite phrase.
2. Custom gift wrap (h/t Minieco)
Put a personalized touch on your holiday gifts by adding Sharpie doodles and designs to solid-colored wrapping paper. This could mean everything from geometric designs to drawings using Sharpies.
3. Dotted jars (h/t With Lovely)
This super-easy DIY turns plain Mason jars into elegant and chic drinking glasses. You can use any size jar for this tutorial, and with a metallic pen, you're ready to go. They're perfect for gift-giving, too.
4. Tea towels (h/t Setting for Four)
Love looking at your kids' artwork and wish you had more wall space? Forget the walls and turn their best pieces into kitchen towels! These are amazing gifts and let you enjoy your kids' art every day.
5. Desk organizers (h/t Brit + Co)
Give plain acrylic desk bins a bright and bold facelift with neon Sharpie markers. These have a cool, retro feel to them, and give your desk just a bit of added color.
6. Makeup jars (h/t Ling Yeung B)
Need some space to stash brushes, lipsticks, and Q-tips? These custom DIY makeup jars are super cute and the perfect way to organize the clutter on your bathroom counter or vanity.
7. Sharpie shirt (h/t Moments With Maisie)
Use Sharpies of all different shades to make a bold and colorful tie-dyed T-shirt embellished with pretty patterns. This craft is fun for kids and adults, and easy to customize using different colors and designs.
8. Personalized hangers (h/t Little Yellow Couch)
Make the most of dull wooden hangers by using a Sharpie to jazz them up. Add custom sayings, messages, or simply doodle and getting dressed becomes just a bit more smile-worthy.
9. Wooden keychains (h/t How About Orange)
Make your own keychains using those little wooden circles you're never sure what to do with. These are fun gifts or stocking stuffers, too, and you can personalize them any way you like.
10. Sharpie nail art
Skip the spendy salon and create your own marbled manicure at home. Let Sharpies do the hard work and you'll save money, plus you get the perk of personalizing your own nail designs as you desire.
11. Watercolor coasters (h/t Sharpie)
Doodles become a work of art when you use different colored Sharpies to create watercolor-inspired coasters. These look expensive and beautiful on your table.
12. Sharpie dinnerware (h/t The Sweetest Occasion)
There's nothing cuter than custom mugs, bowls, and plates. Instead of paying too much for these in stores or attempting to use messy paints to create your own, Sharpies save the day with their fine tips and multiple possibilities.
13. Chevron wallet (h/t Love Maegan)
Turn a plain wallet into a stylish and stunning accessory using metallic Sharpie markers. Chevron stripes are trendy, and if you already have a wallet or purse you're bored with, why not give it an upgrade?
14. Sharpie wallpaper (h/t Vintage Revivals)
This is the grown-up version of drawing on the walls...and the results are incredible! Use a gold Sharpie for an affordable way to customize wallpaper to mimic designer designs...for much less cash.
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