Get outside and collect some rocks. You're gonna want to make these 10 DIYs

One of the most popular games for kids these days is to paint rocks, hide them in a public place, and enjoy knowing someone will stumble across them. Rock hunting is a fun hobby, but there are other things you can do with rocks, including creating crafts.
1. Cactus pet rocks (h/t The Best Ideas for Kids)
Make cacti that won't poke your fingers when you use rocks to simulate the desert plants. A fun craft for kids, putting the cactus rocks into pots makes them even more authentic and makes a cute desk decoration.
2. Rock photo holders (h/t Organize Your Stuff Now)
Use rocks to create rustic and charming photo holders for prints. Super easy to make, these are fun to use and a great way to display favorite images or postcards.
3. Rock frame (h/t Dollar Store Crafts)
Craft a creative and affordable frame using different rocks. Mix up the color, size, and texture of the rocks for a more visually interesting frame.
4. Outdoor chess board (h/t MH & MH Boutique)
Add some fun to your outside patio with this cool backyard chess board and rock markers. Easy for kids and adults to make and enjoy, this charming chess board keeps everyone entertained.
5. Rock magnets (h/t Alisa Burke)
Turn ordinary rocks into colorful refrigerator decorations with this funky DIY. Craft easy to create magnets using only a few supplies, and color coordinate the rocks with your kitchen decor for a chic look.
6. Garden markers (h/t West Valley Moms Blog)
Instead of the same old stakes in the ground, do something different in your garden. Create rock garden markers to differentiate your veggies and enjoy this more colorful approach to gardening. Customize the rocks as you desire and prepare for guests asking "where did you get those?"
7. Rock dominoes (h/t Martha Stewart)
A handful of rocks makes a great game on the go for kids and grown-ups. It's simple to make dominos from flat, smooth stones using only a paint pen. Toss them into a bag and take them anywhere for portable family fun.
8. Affirmation stones (h/t Mark Montano)
Give yourself a smile when you paint stones with positive and meaningful affirmations. These make great paperweights for your desk, and constant reminders about why you should be grateful and positive things to keep in mind even on the toughest days.
9. Painted stones (h/t Industry Standard Design)
Paint rocks with pretty pastel colors and use them in a variety of ways. For desk decorations, meditation stones, or as additions to a clear vase or container for a centerpiece.
10. Cabinet knobs (h/t Lilliedale)
Give your kitchen a whole new look by using this clever DIY to create rock cabinet knobs. Rustic and shabby, these give your cabinets a unique and custom look.
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