You'll think twice before passing by a pair of thrift store lamps after seeing this modern makeover

The corners of thrift stores often look like graveyards full of old, forgotten light fixtures, but this part of a store can be a real gold mine if you're planning on doing some DIYs! It's surprisingly easy to bring old lamps into the 21st century.
Winter is coming and the days are getting shorter, so bring some new light into your home with one of these awesome DIY projects!
1. Balsa wood lampshade (h/t Pomp and Circumstance)
If you find a lamp with a beautiful base and a hideous shade, this is the project for you! It's surprisingly easy to make, and I love the natural look of the balsa wood.
2. Color pop cord lamp (h/t Vintage Revivals)
This lamp is so modern that I would have never guessed it came from the thrift store! Have fun choosing the color of your cord — this lamp is sure to become one of your home's conversation pieces!
3. Colorful hexagonal lamp (h/t Sarah M. Dorsey Designs)
The shape of this lamp base is amazing, and it's made out of mat board! How do you think it would look with a metallic copper or gold base?
4. Faux marble lamp base (h/t Mark Montano)
If you find a big white lamp that could use a new look, why not paint the base to look like marble? While you're at it, you might as well freshen up the shade with a coat of spray paint as well!
5. Love letter lamp (h/t The Shabby Creek Cottage)
This Pottery Barn knock-off looks exactly like the real thing! Even better, you can choose text that has some personal meaning for you. This lady used a few words from an old love letter her husband wrote her!
6. Industrial rope-wrapped lamp (h/t The Navage Patch)
If your style tends towards the industrial look, this is the lamp for you! The combination of the rope base and the exposed metal shade is simply amazing.
7. Thrifted vase turned lamp (h/t Mom 4 Real)
Don't worry if you can't find an old lamp you love — you can always transform a thrift store vase into a lamp as well! You won't believe how easy it is to do. All you need are the parts from an old lamp and some strong glue!
8. Chic modern makeover (h/t The Home I Create)
Before they got a makeover, these lamps looked like something from a century ago. However, it took nothing but a coat of spray paint to transform them into these chic modern lamps! Are you as amazed as I was?
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