6 tricks to help you apply your makeup like a pro

Have you ever wondered why some women always look flawless? Chances are they’ve had a little help when it came to applying their makeup correctly. Getting a picture-perfect look isn’t as hard as you may think.
Good makeup artists don’t just learn by trial and error. They get coaching along the way. Luckily, you don’t have to go to makeup school to apply your makeup like an expert. Here are some helpful tips that take the guesswork out of dolling up.
1. Make good use of color correctors
For those days when you wake up with rosy cheeks thanks to a little too much wine, having a good green color corrector will make all the difference. Green cancels out red, so your foundation will look more natural. If you have dark circles, try using a peach toned corrector.
2. Use Concealer Sparingly
We all have flaws, but you don’t necessarily need to cover up every little thing. After all, you want your skin to look natural. As tempting as concealer may be, use it only on the areas that bother you the most. Spot coverage here and there will also look more natural, so begin with a small layer and add another if needed.
3. Contour what you can’t cure
Supermodel cheekbones aren’t always what they appear to be. Many times, they’re actually the result of good contouring. If your face is rounder than you like, contouring can fake those missing hollows. And if your jawline isn’t as firm as it once was, simply apply your contour color along them. Shadows recede, and contouring gives the illusion of a more sculpted look.
4. Look more awake instantly
Heavy, droopy lids getting you down? You can give yourself an instant eye lift by applying your highlighter and crease colors differently. Just like contouring, applying your darker crease color just above the actual crease will make your eye look more open. And don’t forget to add a pop of highlighter under your brow bone. The eye is naturally drawn to the lighter color.
5. Get help finding your best colors
Ever think about the color wheel and how it works? Well, complementary shades are opposite one another. The trick to enhancing your eye color is to find shadows that are naturally opposite to it. So, if you’re a green-eyed beauty, choosing colors like burgundy, cranberry, and plum will flatter your eyes the most.
6. Invest in Good Tools
Just because an eye shadow palette comes with an applicator doesn’t mean it’s the best tool for getting the job done. You’ll get much better results if you have good brushes. Sponge applicators drag shadow across the eye, but a quality makeup brush will allow you to place shadow perfectly every time. P.S. Keeping them clean will also ensure that you don’t end up with muddy colors…or an infection.
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