Here are 5 hacks you need to know before you put on your eye shadow

I know, I know. You’ve been applying eye shadow for years, so why would you possibly need advice at this point? Well, it’s possible that you’ve fallen into some habits that are undermining your creative artistry and leading to less than flattering looks.
Any makeup artist will tell you that starting with a clean slate and well prepped canvas is the best way to achieve great results. So, here are a few reminders that will help you see the world through the best lens possible.
1. Apply a non-oily treatment product
Many women skip this step, but eye cream or serum helps plump the skin and makes it look more radiant. Choose a non-oily product and wait for it to absorb completely, so it won’t interfere with your next product. Caution: Many women use coconut oil, but that can make eye shadow crease and liner smudge.
2. Prime, prime, prime
Eye shadow primer is designed to help even out your skin’s texture and provide a base for shadow to adhere more effectively. If you want your makeup to last longer, then primer is essential, especially if you’re wearing highly pigmented or metallic eye shadow. Bonus: It also camouflages red or blue undertones.
3. Don’t use concealer as primer
Some women coat their lids with a base of foundation or concealer instead of primer. While it sounds like a good idea, most liquid foundation and concealer contains small amounts of oil, which can cause your eyelids to become oily during the day. The end result: smudged eye shadow.
4. Amplify color with a white base
You know how eye shadow often looks brighter or more intense in the pan than on your eye? That’s partly because there’s a lot of it packed in there, but your eyelid color is also contributing to the end result. To intensify any shade, simply apply a base coat of white eye shadow (preferably eye crayon) before adding your coveted cobalt duochrome.
5. Get the right tools
You’ll never be happy with your look if you’re using the wrong tools. Makeup brushes are an investment, but not just in money. They’ll save you time when getting ready. It’s best to have at least three: a small shadow brush, a medium blending brush, and a tapered brush for applying shadow to your crease.
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