These 4 highlighting tricks will completely change the way you apply makeup

Admit it. You probably have at least two highlighting products in your arsenal (and perhaps several more than that). At some point, you may be wondering what else you can do other than highlight on top of your cheekbones. The answer to that question is…a lot!
Highlighter is used to attract light to a surface and make it stand out. It gives your face definition and showcases your best features. Maybe you want to look more awake or to make your lips look fuller. These hacks will have you singing the praises of everything highlighter.
1. Create a dewy overall glow
Sometimes you have to fake that “in love” look, and mixing liquid highlighter into your foundation will do just that. Simply put a few drops of each on the back of your hand, blend with a makeup brush, and apply for that allover glow.
2. Emphasize part of your nose
Many YouTube vloggers sweep highlighter down the length of their noses, but maybe you want something more subtle. Try applying it just to the tip to avoid that racing stripe effect.
3. Accentuate your cupid’s bow or your lips
To make your lips look fuller, apply highlighter just outside your lip line or cupid’s bow. Blend it gently with a beauty sponge until it almost disappears. Since the skin outside the highlight will be slightly darker, it will appear to recede, making your lips look plump and luscious.
4. Look more awake and rested
The brow bone often gets a kiss of highlighter, but you can also apply it both above and below the eyebrows to create a bright, well rested effect.
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