You can create breathtaking pieces of art without even picking up a brush. Copy this idea

Painting is one of the most expressive ways to create, and when you think of painting, you usually imagine grabbing a brush and paints and crafting your very own masterpiece. However, when it comes to painting, there aren't any limits, and you can paint with many other materials besides brushes. Get creative and see what you can do without a brush in sight.
1. Marbles (h/t Craftulate)
Go crazy with a fun marble painting craft and make a work of art that rivals any Jackson Pollock! Kids will love getting paint everywhere with this bold activity.
2. Marshmallow painting (h/t The Pinterested Parent)
Have you ever thought about painting with marshmallows? Probably not, but believe it or not, they're the perfect size for Christmas crafts! Use giant marshmallows to create perfect snowmen or gingerbread men shapes.
3. Q-tip painted eggs (h/t No Time For Flash Cards)
Though this DIY uses Q-tips to paint Easter eggs, you could really apply this painting technique to just about any type of activity!
4. Foam stickers (h/t Fantastic Fun and Learning)
A rolling pin and foam stickers work together to create cool dimensional artwork. Use stickers to create a type of stencil design, and change the stickers to represent different seasons or holidays.
5. Cookie cutters (h/t All For The Boys)
Use seasonal cookie cutters to make cool shapes, like in this Halloween tutorial. Different paint colors make artwork come to life, and you can add glitter and other materials to make pieces sparkle.
6. Ice painting (h/t Crayon Box Chronicles)
Put ice and paint together for a clever and messy time. Kids will love getting dirty with these frozen paint 'cubes' that make painting easy for small hands.
7. Celery flowers (h/t Crafty Morning)
Make flower-shaped stamps using vegetables. Like potatoes, celery stalks work well as stamps, and create near-perfect flowers.
8. Leaf print (h/t Rub Some Dirt On It)
Use what's available in nature to create cool artwork. Leaves make distinct prints and create cool and colorful designs.
9. Straw painting (h/t I Try DIY)
Grab a few straws and design to your heart's content. Fun to experiment with for kids and adults, straws make unusual and interesting paintings.
10. Squirt gun painting (h/t Fireflies and Mudpies)
Get your aprons on and your guns at the ready! Fill squirt guns with paint and make splattered masterpieces! This DIY is fun for everyone, no matter what age you are.
11. Paint scrape cards (h/t Persia Lou)
Scraping paint lends itself to a really neat, watercolor look, which is perfect for these DIY notecards. Use them as thank you notes, or for any occasion.
12. Birch painting (h/t By The Stand)
This technique uses scraping and smearing to craft beautiful, realistic birch logs. The resulting artwork makes for a pretty wall decoration.
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