12 gorgeous Christmas crafts you can make with a mason jar

Mason jars come in all sizes and it's possible you have a few hanging around as you read this. If you don't, they're affordable, functional, and can be used for a wide array of holiday crafts this season. It's fun to figure out just how many ways you can use a Mason jar, as the possibilities seem endless!
1. Candy cane luminaries (h/t The Frugal Homemaker)
Light up your holiday table with these adorable striped Mason jars that bring to mind tasty peppermints and candy canes. Pair them with differently-sized jars of various colors for a pretty, glowing tablescape.
2. Vintage car snow globes (h/t Mason Jar Crafts Love)
Take some tiny vintage cars and turn them into super cute snow globes. Not just for kids, you'll find the boys and men in your life enjoying this more grown-up version of the traditional snow globe.
3. Reindeer jars (h/t Chelsea's Messy Apron)
Mason jars become festive reindeer, Santas, or even elves with these cute kids' craft ideas. Fill the jars with snacks or candy and give them as gifts, or use them as decorations.
4. Gingerbread terrarium (h/t My Name is Yeh)
This holiday terrarium isn't like other terrariums; in fact, the whole thing is completely edible! Create a tasty gingerbread terrarium using Mason jars and enjoy a delicious craft you can eat!
5. Magic lanterns (h/t Adventure in a Box)
Though Mason jars make great votive holders and luminaries, this craft puts a different and more delightful spin on those ideas. Using templates to create starry scenes, the jars look absolutely dreamy when lit up.
6. Cozy jars (h/t Dottie Angel)
Give your Mason jars a stylish and snug sweater with this crocheted tutorial. The jar shrugs add a winter look to your jars and make an adorable centerpiece or table decoration. Add LEDs if you want to make them glow.
7. Survival kit (h/t Better Homes and Gardens)
Perfect to gift to coworkers or neighbors, a Mason jar makes the perfect spot to stash some survival supplies for the snowy season. Customize the jars as you desire, and decorate the outside to make it festive and fun.
8. Snow globe surprise (h/t A Few Shortcuts)
This DIY offers a cute and creative way to gift cake or cookie mix, hot chocolate, or some other edible craft with a handmade snow globe atop a Mason jar! It looks so cute and it's easy to make.
9. Lid ornaments (h/t The Everyday Home)
Turn jar lids into precious plaid holiday ornaments this easy tutorial. There are many, many ways to customize these, and they also look great dangling from presents.
10. Soap dispenser (h/t Simply Kierste Design)
Guests will delight when using this DIY soap dispenser crafted from a Mason jar. They also make adorable hostess gifts. Fill the empty container with candy or holiday-scented soap.
11. Distressed gold jars (h/t The Happy Housie)
Give Mason jars a gleaming, antique look with this DIY. Once you have your jars painted, there are many possibilities, from table centerpieces to outdoor decor, or gift-giving.
12. Wreath ornaments (h/t Sadie Seasongoods)
Create miniature wreaths using Mason jar lids, which are perfect for decorating your Christmas tree, or using alongside gift tags this season.
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