Painters tape isn't just for painting walls. Here are 12 interesting projects you can create

Painters tape can be a lifesaver when you're painting baseboards or trim, but it's good for so much more than that! It's easier to remove from surfaces than masking tape is, and it comes in different widths... are you starting to see the possibilities?
Even if you've never purchased a roll of painters tape in your life, these DIYs are going to inspire you to go buy some as soon as possible!
1. Pretty wall art (h/t DIY Joy)
You might not think your artistic skills are great, but anyone can make this easy painters tape wall art! You can do yours in your favorite colors, and if you're feeling especially creative, you can experiment with different patterns as well.
2. Faux reclaimed wood planks (h/t Taryn Whiteaker)
I can never get enough of the look of reclaimed wood, and I just love that this project is so much easier than building a nightstand from scratch! If you're feeling especially ambitious, why not try this technique on a table or another large surface as well?
3. Ombre striped pillow (h/t Design Sponge)
You won't believe how easy it is to make this ombre striped pillow! You'll need to use watered down bleach in a spray bottle to get the look, so it might be best to save this project for a day you can do it outside.
4. Tie-dye 'fireworks' tablecloth (h/t Earnest Home Co.)
If you prefer stars over stripes, this tie dye 'fireworks' tablecloth is the way to go! This blogger made hers for a Fourth of July party, but I think this would look good on my table no matter what the time of year.
5. Moroccan pattern bench (h/t Curbly)
Painting patterns freehand is way too intimidating, but using painters tape to create a design is surprisingly simple. I'd love to see how this pattern would look on a side table or a stool as well!
6. Diamond accent wall (h/t The Frugal Homemaker)
Why bother with wallpaper when you can create a gorgeous accent wall with nothing but some painters tape and a can of paint? This is definitely a time-consuming project, but it's the perfect way to spend a cozy winter evening!
7. Painted coasters (h/t Food52)
I have to admit that geometric patterns are the way to my heart, and these painted coasters are just adorable! Which one of your friends would like to receive these as a Christmas gift?
8. Confetti accent wall (h/t Rain On A Tin Roof)
If a diamond accent wall isn't quite your style, why not try this fun confetti accent wall instead? The gold confetti would make a great photo wall for a New Year's party, but it's cute enough to leave up year-round!
9. Striped planter (h/t Paint Yourself A Smile)
You might love your houseplants, but you don't have to resign yourself to decorating your home with boring planters! Give your decor an upgrade with this clever planter makeover technique.
10. Kid's craft table (h/t Urban Mom Tales)
If you're not quite prepared to paint geometric shapes onto your wall, why not start out by painting a kid's craft table? Your little ones will love it, and it won't matter too much if you make a few mistakes while you're getting the hang of the process!
11. Colorful card background (h/t Dreaming About Rubber Stamps)
Tis the season to start thinking about Christmas cards, and this fun technique is a great place to start! It involves using painters tape as a sort of DIY stamp... how clever is that?
12. Indoor obstacle course
You won't have to think twice about how to keep your kids busy the next time they're stuck inside because of the snow or the rain! This indoor obstacle course is super easy to set up, and the possibilities are endless. Your kids would probably even have fun helping you set it up!
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