This Christmas make your own decor. Get started with these 10 tree DIYs

Christmas is the perfect holiday for crafting. With stores full of supplies and decorating in full swing, the crafting mood is simply contagious! Grab your glue gun and pine cones and get ready to make tree-themed crafts that will have you in the holiday spirit in seconds.
1. Tin tree (h/t Country Living)
Super easy and shabby chic, all you need for this charming cookie DIY are some differently-sized tins and a couple of decorations.
2. Tree shelf (h/t Jaime Costiglio)
Put your skills to the test and make an adorable tree-shaped shelf. Use it to display favorite decorations or tuck tiny presents.
3. Ribbon tree (h/t Fireflies and Jellybeans)
Make a cute and colorful Christmas tree out of ribbons. These look great as a table centerpiece, and you can make trees of different colors and sizes for a more eye-catching look and group them together.
4. Mason jar votive holder (h/t Mason Jar Crafts)
Everyone has a spare Mason jar hanging around. Transform a plain jar into a cozy Christmas tree votive holder this holiday season.
5. Christmas tree snow globe (h/t Mollymoo)
Kids love making DIY snow globes out of jars. Add a small tree and favorite characters to customize these magical snow globes, which make really cute decorations.
6. Pine cone trees (h/t Elementary Art Fun)
What's Christmas without pine cones? Grab some pine cones and paint and create your own personalized tiny trees. There are many ways to use these. Fill a basket with them and display it, or line them up on an entry table to greet guests.
7. Popsicle stick trees (h/t One little Project)
Make adorable tree-shaped ornaments, gift tags, or decorations using simple popsicle sticks. There are many ways to decorate these and they turn out really cute!
8. Can lid door decoration (h/t Crafty Morning)
Combine ornaments with canning lids to create a clever craft you can decorate your door with. Customize the hanger with a bow of your choice, and have guests in disbelief that you created such a cool decoration using can lids!
9. Wooden forest (h/t Life With Fingerprints)
Use scrap wood to create a cute forest of Christmas trees you can customize with paint of any color. Differently-sized trees add dimension to this craft.
10. Felt trees (h/t By The Stand)
Soft and inexpensive felt sheets become charming and shabby Christmas trees with this DIY. Perfect for centerpieces or side table decor, these trees are easy and fun to put together.
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