Gold spray paint isn't the only thing sprucing up these rocks. Check out this gorgeous decor idea

It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do, especially when you're using gorgeous gold spray paint! It's glitzy, it's shiny, and it has the amazing ability to make things look much more expensive than they actually are.
Love the look of gold paint but not sure where in your home to start? You can never go wrong with the following common items!
1. Gold striped cork board (h/t Pretty In The Pines)
Pinning up reminders is so much more enjoyable when you have somewhere pretty to put them! This simple gold striped cork board is super easy to make, and you can replace the text in the bottom with whatever word or phrase motivates you the most.
2. Decorative bowls (h/t Homemade By Carmona)
Gold and white or cream is the perfect combination, and this technique can be used on bowls, plates, or even mugs! Just remember that most spray paint isn't food safe, so these are probably best suited to decoration if you paint the insides.
3. Gold Christmas light wiring (h/t Landeelu)
There's nothing wrong with green Christmas light wiring, but this gold version is so much better! These are meant for the holidays, but they'd be perfect decoration for a New Year's party as well. In fact, I think I'd be tempted to leave them up all year long!
4. Metallic desk accessories (h/t Simple Stylings)
A set of matching desk accessories is one of the quickest ways to make your workspace more inviting, but you don't have to spend a ton of money at the store! Instead, grab a can of gold spray paint and give your existing desk accessories a fabulous makeover.
5. Wine bottle vases (h/t Homey Oh My)
Instead of taking all your wine bottles to the recycling depot, save a few and use them to make these chic vases instead! These would make an awesome winter table centerpiece with a few branches and sprigs of red berries in them.
6. Painted seashells (h/t Laura Thoughts)
Do you have a habit of bringing seashells home from the beach and then leaving them in the back of your cupboard? Instead of leaving them to languish, paint them gold and bring them out into the light!
7. Glittery artificial pears (h/t A Night Owl Blog)
If you want to bring a little glitter into your home, these glittery gilded pears are just perfect. The pears could be replaced with apples, grapes, or another kind of fruit, and this would also be a great technique to use on cheap Christmas ornaments!
8. DIY brass-edged frames (h/t Urbane Jane)
This is one of the easiest ways I've ever seen to upgrade cheap photo frames! All you need is gold spray paint and painter's tape, and voila...! You can have expensive-looking brass-edged frames that cost next to nothing to make.
9. Rock bookends (h/t Refinery 29)
This project is so easy to make – the hardest part is finding the perfect rocks! I definitely love the plain gold look, but if you're feeling creative, why not experiment with patterns that allow some of the rock's natural color to peep through?
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