Don't waste money on expensive jewelry when you can copy one of these gorgeous DIYs

If you're a jewelry addict like me, you could probably never have too many cute necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. Buying jewelry can be quite an expensive hobby... but it doesn't have to be!
With a little bit of creativity, you can make stunning jewelry for next to nothing. In fact, these projects are so pretty that you could probably even sell them to make a bit of extra cash!
1. Triangle necklace (h/t Creative Index)
These triangle necklaces are so stylish, and I love the idea of making two different necklaces and layering them! They're made out of colored polymer clay, so you don't even need to go to the effort of painting them.
2. Skinny leather bracelets (h/t A Beautiful Mess)
These skinny leather bracelets definitely look a lot more expensive than they actually are! There are so many different colors and patterns you could experiment with — I love the idea of making brown bracelets with gold beading.
3. Beaded hoop earrings (h/t Made In A Day)
If your style tends to be beachy and bohemian, these dangly earrings are perfect for you! These earrings were actually inspired by a pair seen in Anthropologie, but they cost way less than the original version.
4. Wire bow ring (h/t I Spy DIY)
If you prefer your jewelry to be small and dainty, this tiny wire bow ring is probably right up your alley. It's surprisingly easy to make — the only supplies you need are wire and jewelry pliers!
5. Colorful tassel necklace (h/t Sas & Rose)
Tassels aren't just for curtains and scarves! This colorful tassel necklace would definitely up the "wow" factor of any ordinary outfit. If you want to give it more of a personal touch, you could even add a bit of beading!
6. Clay heart earrings (h/t The Crafted Life)
These little clay heart studs are simple but sweet, and the color and shape possibilities are endless. If you're going to go to the effort of making them, you might as well make a big batch and give some to your friends!
7. Cross stitch ring (h/t Nearly Crafty)
It seems like everyone is doing cross-stitch these days, but if you haven't gotten into it, this cute ring is an easy place to start! Not everyone likes big rings like this one, but it would look great as a necklace pendant as well.
8. Zipper earrings (h/t Craftaholics Anonymous)
How fun are these crafty zipper earrings? They're super easy to make, and it's almost guaranteed that you'll never run into anyone else wearing the same thing — unless your friends steal the idea too!
9. Woven yarn bangles (h/t My Poppet)
These cozy-looking woven yarn bangles are just perfect for winter. This is the perfect way to breathe new life into any old bangles that you never wear anymore, and I can't be the only one who thinks they'd make a great Christmas gift!
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