Storage doesn't have to be boring. Check out these 10 pretty DIY storage solutions

No matter how big or small your house is, keeping your stuff organized can make a huge difference in how cramped and crowded it feels to live there! Good storage solutions can be life-changing, especially when they don't cost a ton to make and actually look nice as well.
This isn't as impossible as it sounds — there are a ton of fun, creative storage solutions that can be made in only a few hours!
1. Wood bathroom caddy (h/t Making Home Base)
Bathroom counters have a tendency to get covered in stuff, but this wood bathroom caddy can save the day. You probably won't want to get it wet, but it would look great on the bathroom counter!
2. Colorful drawer dividers (h/t I Heart Organizing)
These colorful paper-colored drawer dividers are the perfect way to keep everything in your desk drawer organized! As a bonus, they're made from cereal boxes, so they cost almost nothing to make.
3. Pegboard accessory holder (h/t Lookie What I Did)
Instead of shoving your hats and scarves into your closet, why not hang them up on a DIY pegboard? If you don't have this much wall space, you could make a smaller version just for things like jewelry and sunglasses.
4. Simple towel storage (h/t Making Lemonade)
This is such an easy, chic way to store your extra towels in the bathroom! If you have lots of wall space, you could even hang up four or five baskets and use them to store toilet paper and extra toiletries as well.
5. Entryway organizer (h/t Little Red Brick House)
Do your keys and mail always end up on your kitchen table or counter? You need this adorable DIY entryway organizer! The chalkboard could be used to draw cute designs like the one below, but it would also be great for writing to-do lists and leaving little notes for the people you live with.
6. Hidden jewelry storage (h/t The Girl On The Go)
The best thing about this storage solution is the fact that it uses space that would otherwise just be going to waste! I also love the idea of having my jewelry right by the mirror — it would make getting ready in the morning so much easier.
7. Industrial storage cubbies (h/t Pneumatic Addict)
If you need a ton of storage in a small space, these DIY storage cubbies are the way to go! Even the cubbies here were built from scratch, but you could also just make the frame and cover dollar store bins in pretty fabric if you're short on time.
8. Canned food storage (h/t Classy Clutter)
Make use of that space between your fridge and the wall by building this clever canned food storage shelf! It's just the right size for jars and cans, but you could also use it to store all your spices and baking ingredients.
9. Magnetic makeup board (h/t Laura Thoughts)
This is one of the best makeup storage ideas I've ever seen! Having your makeup where you can see it is great when you're in a rush, and you'll never have to worry about your eyeshadow palettes breaking open and spilling everywhere.
10. Rolling storage crates (h/t School Of Decorating)
Under-the-bed storage is usually messy and inconvenient, but these rolling storage crates change that! They're so easy to pull out, and you can personalize them to fit in with your bedroom decor.
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