One special ingredient is added to make this massive, mind-blowing explosion

All types of science experiments are fun, but the ones that end with explosions somehow feel a little more satisfying. As you'll see in the examples below, there are plenty of ways to may something go boom or pop, using items you likely already have on hand.
Feeling the need for a little excitement? Try one of these fun ideas to see just how fun science can be.
1. Exploding foam
This eye-popping explosion works because when you combine a catalyst (it can be yeast or some other ingredient) with hydrogen peroxide, the catalyst removes the oxygen from the peroxide very quickly. This caused the temperature in the bottle to heat up, and the foam exploded under pressure.
2. Pop Rocks and soda
You've probably heard the old-wives tale about how drinking soda and eating Pop Rocks will make your stomach explode. While this is not true, mixing the two does create a fun chemical reaction. The carbonation in the soda combines with the (small amount of) carbon dioxide in the Pop Rocks, sending the gas into the balloon.
3. Shooting bottle caps (h/t Housing a Forest)
This simple (and cheap) experiment, shows the undeniable power of air pressure. When the bottle becomes too pressurized (thanks to the twisting), the resulting explosion not only shoots off the cap, it forces water molecules in the air to compress, and then quickly release, resulting in a vapor.
4. Exploding Peeps (E is for Explore)
This trick is more like a tiny explosion, but it's fun. When you heat up a Peep (or any marshmallow) in the microwave, the water molecules in the corn syrup get hot and begin to vibrate, creating steam. That steam fills up any air pockets inside your Easter friend, causing it to "blow up."
5. Exploding paint balloons (h/t Science Sparks)
Check out the effects of speed and energy in this colorful experiment. When an object falls from higher up, it has more time to gain momentum. When that object (in this case, paint-filled balloons) hits solid ground, there is more energy to dispel, so any liquid inside shoots farther. The lower an object falls, the less power it picks up and the less it has to get rid of to stop.
6. Mentos Geyser
Most people already know that Diet Coke and Mentos make for a fun explosion. But have you ever wondered what would happen with other types of soda? When the mentos are dropped into the soda, the carbon dioxide latches onto tiny sugar specks on the mentos, causing an eruption. Why Diet Coke seems to work better is hard to say, but it may have something to do with the amount of sugar/type of sugars used in diet sodas.
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