9 fabulous DIYs that are suitable to give as a housewarming gift

There's nothing wrong with giving a bottle of wine as a housewarming gift, but you can do better! Giving someone a gorgeous handmade present is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd.
Whether your best friend just bought a house or a new family moved in next door, these DIY gifts are just what you need to welcome them into their new home!
1. Color block utensils (h/t The Happy Homebodies)
These color block utensils would make such a cute, fun gift for anyone that loves to cook! Make them in your friend's favorite color for an extra-personal touch.
2. Handpainted polka dot napkins (h/t Freutcake)
Entertaining is so much more fun when you have pretty handpainted napkins to put out. These are really easy to make — you might want to make a set for yourself while you're at it!
3. Personalized doormat (h/t The Sway)
Who wouldn't love to receive a personalized doormat? Whoever you give this to will definitely be impressed when they find out that you made it yourself.
4. Dipped shot glasses (h/t Popsugar)
Shot glasses don't always scream "classy," but these copper-dipped ones do! Plain shot glasses aren't expensive, so this is an especially great project if you're on a budget.
5. Chic serving tray (h/t A Thoughtful Place)
This chic serving tray is made out of an old window... which means that you can customize it with your favorite piece of fabric or paper! The sparkly handles go so well with the rustic look of the wooden frame.
6. Feather stamped throw (h/t This Little Miggy)
Believe it or not, this adorable feather stamped throw was made using a sweet potato carved into a stamp! This technique would also be fun to try on a set of tea towels or even a pretty scarf.
7. Handpainted clay bowls (h/t Alice And Lois)
These handpainted clay bowls would be just as fun to make as they would be to receive! The color and design possibilities are endless, and the watercolor look was just made with watered-down acrylic paint.
8. Personalized lazy Susan (h/t Where The Smiles Have Been)
You never think about how convenient lazy Susans are until you have one! This awesome Ikea hack is a great way to give someone a personalized gift they'll get a ton of use out of.
9. Wooden slab key holder (h/t The Crafted Life)
Anyone would love to hang their keys on this awesome wooden slab key holder! This is a pretty easy last minute project as long as you can find a wooden slab — the lettering was done with stickers.
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