You'll be on the hunt for old handkerchiefs after checking out these 8 cool DIY ideas

Handkerchiefs have been around for years, and though men used to use them as pocket squares, they serve multiple purposes. They make cute accessories and look great tied around a handbag.
Or, they can tie up your hair or be used as a headband. When you run out of ideas to use your handkerchiefs for, check out these amazing DIYs and give your handkerchiefs a new lease on life.
1. Wreath (h/t Bumblebee Linens)
Turn colorful handkerchiefs into a shabby chic, vintage-inspired wreath that's perfect for inside or outside decor. It's also super easy to make and requires few supplies.
2. Blanket (h/t All Things Heart & Home)
Use hankies or bandannas to craft a cute and lightweight beach blanket. This is also perfect to keep in your car for impromptu naps or toss on your kids on a chilly summer night.
3. Tissue holder (h/t Beach Vintage)
Repurpose a pretty handkerchief by turning it into a feminine tissue holder. Perfect for your purse or tote bag, this tissue holder will turn heads when you take it out.
4. Window valance (h/t Flamingo Toes)
Perfect for windows that don't require curtains but could do with a bit of decor, these handkerchief window valances look delicate and pretty hanging on doors or kitchen windows.
5. Pillow covers (h/t Elsie Marley)
Jazz up your couch by making beautiful toss pillows from vintage handkerchiefs. This lets you display your prettiest hankies and put them to practical use.
6. Collar (h/t Black & White and Loved All Over)
A basic, plain shirt could use some color. A vintage handkerchief is the perfect size to craft a collar and turn any T-shirt into something colorful and interesting.
7. Wall art (h/t Very Fond Of)
Frame your favorite handkerchiefs and create a collage with these pretty fabric pieces. This makes a stunning and attractive display for any wall. Use handkerchiefs in the same color family for a coordinated look.
8. Wrist hankie (h/t Sadie Seasongoods)
Make bohemian-inspired jewelry with vintage handkerchiefs. This cool DIY lets you craft statement pieces that look like expensive, shabby chic, boutique-worthy jewelry.
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