7 of the best ways to improve compostition

Improving composition is essential to producing a quality photograph. It lets the viewer know what part of the photograph to focus on. Let's discuss 7 of the best ways to improve composition.
There are a variety of ways to improve composition on a photograph. Composition is a way to put together a photograph. You want to be able to draw the viewer's eye to certain parts of the photo.
1. Rule-of-Thirds
The rule-of-thirds is one way to improve composition on your photographs. Rule-of-thirds is where a picture is broken up into three equal horizontal and vertical sections. Many cameras have a setting for this.
One of the four points of this grid is where you want to choose your focal point for your picture. Line up one of the eyes of your subject to draw the viewer to this area. Use the top line as your horizon line when creating landscape photos.
2. Background
You don't want the background of your photo to distract from the main image. Moving around or getting a different angle of the subject can help with this. You can also soften or blur the background by changing the aperture settings on your camera.
3. Patterns
Patterns and symmetry can bring great quality to the composition of your photos. Close-ups of symmetry and patterns in architecture is a great way to add composition. Study the area you are in and you will start to see patterns, whether in nature or walking around a city.
4. Depth
You can add depth to the composition of your photographs several ways. Include subject matter in the foreground, middle ground, and background of your photograph. This will create depth and the feeling of a three-dimensional place in your photos.
5. Lines
Lines can bring in composition to your photos. Our eyes will naturally focus on lines and the way these lines are presented will draw the viewer further into the photo. Have the main point of the photo at the end of a river or road is a great way to add this depth with lines.
6. Close-up
Getting close up with the subject in your photo can add composition. Get in close to the subject, while at the same time keeping the photograph simple. Keep the depth of field shallow and don't add anything distracting to the background, such as objects and colors.
7. Frame Your Photo
Framing your photo will cause the eyes to go toward the main focal point of your piece. This can be done using natural and manmade objects. A line of trees, rivers, walkways, bridges, with the subject in the middle, make great frames and add quality to your photo's composition.
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