6 incredible things you can do with a lemon that you might not think of

There are a few things we already know about lemons; they are very acidic and they can make a very delicious drink, but there are so many more things lemons are good for. They can make cleaning products smell good, and they can also conduct energy. You may not have known about the second use, but it is true.
Lemons can do some amazing things! Check out some of these cool science experiments using lemons. You may be surprised by all the things lemons can do that you never thought of.
1. Battery experiment
Did you know you can use a lemon to power a light bulb? By using a lemon, a penny, and some connective wire you can create an electrical current. If you want to learn more about electrical and chemical energy this is a great experiment to try. The Fruit-Power Battery experiment will show you how a little fruit and its natural properties can create electricity.
2. Fire experiment
People have been raised throughout their life to not play with fire, but when it comes to science it may be necessary. This may be an unexpected reason to use a lemon, but you can create fire by using a lemon. This experiment will show you the step-by-by step procedure of how to create fire by using a lemon.
3. Create invisible ink
Kids today love making their own homemade slime, but did you know you can also make your own invisible ink? You can write a secret message to your friends or loved ones and only you all will know how to decode it. With some lemons and a heat source, kids can have a special way to keep themselves entertained.
4. Acid/ base experiment
Science doesn’t have to be boring. You can learn a lot from simple experiments. The acid/ base experiment will teach you the chemical reaction that takes place when you combine an acid (lemon) and a base (baking soda). This is a fun experience for children of all ages. Check out the video below and sees what happens when these two products combine.
5. Lemon volcano experiment
Have you ever seen the volcano experiment where you make a large volcano out of paper-mâché and watch the ingredients overflow? You can create a similar experience with lemon! That’s right; lemon volcanoes! Watch the quick video below and see how you can make a lemon volcano of your own.
6. The floating lemon experiment
This is a fun experiment to show the difference in water solvency. In certain water, the lemon will sink, and in another type of water, the lemon will float. You can wow your children with this scientific magic trick, or see if your parents or friends can identify the difference with each lemon. Either way, it is a cool way to learn new things about science. Check out the video below.
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