Water doesn't spill out of this upside down glass and here's why (+6 cool experiments with glasses)

Drinking glasses are a great tool to use during an experiment. They can be used in so many ways from holding the ingredients of the science experiment to being a conductor of some sort. Because drinking glasses come in so many different sizes, shapes and density’s, the drinking glass itself can have an effect on the outcome of the science experiment.
There are a lot of cool science experiments that call for the use of drinking glasses. These are the top 6 experiments using drinking glasses you might find in your home.
1. Upside down glass experiment
This experiment takes a common drinking glass and a piece of paper and defies gravity. The video below will show you how to conduct the experiment and explains why the experiment works. Check out the video below and see the magic of science.
2. Rising water experiment
With a medium sized water glass, a plate, and a tea candle you can watch water mysteriously rise inside the cup. However it is not a mystery, it is science. The video below demonstrates and explains how and why the water rises inside of the cup.
3. Singing wine glasses experiment
Although this experiment does require wine glasses, it does not require wine just water. Learn how to make beautiful music only using water and a few glasses. You will also learn why and how you get sound from the different levels of water. Check out this video!
4. Density tower experiment
Water density is a complex scientific idea, but through the art of science, it has become easier to explain with the Density Tower Experiment. In this video, the use of common household items, a drinking glass, and some small objects show the difference in density between liquids. Follow the instructions in the video and you can create your own Density Tower.
5. Walking water experiment
Food coloring and drinking glasses can be a lot of fun, and teach children a lot of great things about science. In this experiment, any budding scientist will learn how to make water walk. How you ask? Watch the video below and learn how to make water walk through the application of science.
6. Smoking glass experiment
Doing science experiments can be exciting, dangerous, and they can also be beautiful. The smoking glass experiment is all three combined. By watching the video below you will learn how to turn an ordinary drinking glass into beautiful science.
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