Dig out Grandma's china. Here are 8 ways to repurpose a vintage teacup

Drinking out of old teacups is fun once in a while, but most of us have our own favorite mugs that we use on a daily basis. However, most vintage teacups are way too pretty to keep hidden away in the cupboard!
Whether you've inherited some old teacups or picked up a box full of them at the thrift store, these awesome DIYs are the perfect way to give old china new life and let it see the light.
1. Vintage teacup candles (h/t Rhiannon Bosse)
Making your own candles is so easy, and these vintage teacup candles are way prettier than most candles you see in the store! Why not make a bunch of them for gifts?
2. Pretty cake topper (h/t The Ardent Sparrow)
Special occasions call for pretty cakes, and this teacup cake topper is such an easy way to make a simple cake look really amazing! If you have a garden, you can fill the teacup with freshly-picked flowers for an extra-special touch.
3. Unique wine glasses (h/t Koni Frazer)
These teacup wine glasses are such a fun combination of old and new! You could use them for wine, but they'd also be perfect for serving ice tea in the summer.
4. Teacup clock (h/t Vintage Revivals)
Put your favorite teacups on display permanently by turning them into a unique teacup clock like this one! This is definitely a statement piece — what room would you put yours in?
5. Teacup chandelier
This stunning teacup chandelier is such a good way to upcycle a matching set of teacups! If it fits in with your decor style, you could also make one with colorful mismatched teacups.
6. Jewelry organization (h/t Satori Design For Living)
This project is nice and simple, but it looks amazing! It's a great way to put your jewelry on display, and I love how the blogger decorated the inside of her drawer with pretty floral-printed paper.
7. Teacup sconce planter (h/t Intelligent Domestications)
Teacups are just the right size to use as tiny planters! You could modify this idea in so many ways — how about making a teacup windowsill herb garden for your kitchen?
8. Teacup pendant light shades (h/t Flamingo Toes)
Why buy expensive light fixtures when you can make your own out of old teacups? Drilling holes in the teacups might seem a bit nerve-wracking, but it's surprisingly easy if you have the right equipment!
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