You're gonna look at wooden dowels totally differently after seeing these 6 DIYs

Wooden dowels aren't usually the first thing to come to mind when thinking of materials for DIY projects, but they're actually incredibly useful and versatile.
They can be used to make so many things, from trivets to wall art to chandeliers. Check out these projects for some truly great ideas.
Simple wood coat rack (h/t Almost Makes Perfect)
This simple wood coat rack is just the thing you need in your entryway. The combination of natural wood and white paint works well, but it would also look wonderful with gold-dipped ends.
Expandable dowel trivet (h/t Earnest Home Co.)
You might not think you need a trivet, but you'll change your mind as soon as you make this one and use it for the first time. It even has a rope loop on one end so you can hang it on the wall when you're not using it.
Dowel chandelier (h/t Honest to Nod)
This colorful dowel chandelier is so playful and unique, you'll definitely want one. The one shown at Honest to Nod was made for a playroom, but it would enhance your dining room or living room as well.
Don't ignore the old folding tray. Watch how you can upcycle it
With a limited amount of effort, you can transform an old food tray into a chic side table.
DIY blanket ladder (h/t Francois et Moi)
This DIY blanket ladder works well to store extra blankets. The ladder made by this blogger is pretty big, but if you live in a small space, you could easily copy the idea and make a scaled-down version.
Modern tassel wall hanging (h/t Homey Oh My)
This tassel wall hanging is simple to make, but it has a big impact. Black is a classic color but the piece could be done in a different color as well.
Wooden dowel teepee jewelry holder (h/t Dwell Beautiful)
This wooden dowel teepee jewelry holder is a cute way to display your favorite jewelry. The gold-dipped legs are an especially nice touch.
Turn cheap crates into a beautiful coffee table
This neat DIY has a lot of interesting components. You can use it as a standard coffee table and make use of its ability to display items. And because this table has wheels, you can move it to wherever you need it to be.
Pegboard storage box
This project is brilliant if you don't have a lot of space. Follow along with the video below to create a box that will help you get organized.
Resources Dwell Beautiful
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